Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fall break and work on the tiny house

The drive down we saw smoke in the distance. I so wanted to drive over and see what it was :). I didn't.

On our drive we followed Peanut trucks, apple trucks and tomato farms. I really should take pictures of the tomato farms. Very impressive.

First day here.. Drove down Monday. Went to the beach Monday night and tonight.

Today was a drive to Pensacola to go to Builders Mart Outlet. Ok tile however sold in pallets $570 for 500sq foot)

We would need to get three pallets just to be sure (and as you can see it was sand color - not first choice).

Local to FWB was $1.78 sq foot driftwood style wood plank look tile. I bought it. Now I have to find a tile guy :)

Also bought paint for ceiling (5 gallon) and for the trim (5 gallons) and 5 gallons of Killz. We were debating the wall color so got three samples. Now I know what we want after painting swaths three places in the living room, two in the hallway, one in the bedroom and in each bathroom. Also having a tile to compare the paints with in the store too was great. Glad I did all this as the paints look different in both baths and the one I would have chosen was toooo grey.

After all that I looked at cabinets and priced those....this is gonna cost us..sigh. Oh well, only money, right? I think I'm going to go with the surpluses place I got the tile from.

Found a boob (butt) pumpkin too ;) should have bought it ;)

Also managed to take down all the fixtures from the ceiling tonight too AND take a trip to the beach :) bonus!!

We weren't as early today, however we did get there in time for a BIG moon and a bit of pink sky ;)

Tomorrow is contractors (three to interview) and painting ceiling and a lunch date with a friend from out time stationed in Italy.

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