Thursday, October 9, 2014

Day three

I'm not sure how to describe the ick that is on top of the tile. I think it's very old petrified caulking or grout gone wrong? Hard to know

AFTER removal of the ick so I can tape and paint.

This is the mess that is the living room. I really need a table to work from.

And after all day prepping and sanding and patching I finally painted the ceilings in the bathrooms. You can see the stark difference in the unpainted (left) and painted in the right.

Fully painted and edged!! Progress!!

And the front bathroom too! Whoop!! Tomorrow it's walls and cabinets!

And after a lovely dinner with Sally we headed to the beach.

It was a peaceful evening at the beach until we got home to discover that the iPod that Angela had put in my chair. Yikes!! Mad dash back to the beach with flashlights. We were lucky and found it right where we had packed up to go home. Whew!! Lucky lucky lucky!!!

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