Saturday, July 28, 2012

DCI weekend travels

Lovely Liz rooked me into taking a car load of kids to DCI in Atlanta - what is DCI?  I have no real clue, something about bands and competition and it's HUGE as it's at the Georgia Dome.  Did she leave an open spot in the car for ME to bring someone with me?  Nope.  Did she think *I* would need something to entertain me while she was on her adventures?  Nope.
So Off I head to Atlanta with 7 kids in the car.  Yeah, me.  I drop them off and decided to try the Varsity for the first time.  I have to say I did like the orange shake - just short of a dream-sickle taste... but good.  The person in front of me recommended a chili dog/chili burger combo.  I was surprised at how THICK the chili was - it could stand up and say 'howdy'... it was OK... the onion rings were the bomb and I know why college students like it after drinking all night, that's for sure!  BUT for this (getting slightly (oh and I mean SLIGHTLY) older) woman, I think I'll pass.  it's not a memory from my college days, so the draw isn't there.  I'll go to Hermies instead for fry sauce :)

Project completed...

I picked up this clock a while back.. I should have taken a before picture - I'm getting to be very bad about that, aren't I?  Well, it was a brown stained bamboo color - dark, not light.
I didn't like it, it had some nicks in the body of the clock (one near the foot), so I patched it all up with some Spackle, hit it with some Kilz and painted it ....
 Purple... this picture makes it look a shade lighter than it looks in person... but it really is purple.  If you look above, you can see why I did purple - to play into the painting above (wisteria) and the curtains in the room... what do YOU think?  Too much?

Threes.. Why three?

Well. Because its just that way... The third was NOT my car it was - drum roll please. The upstairs A/C unit. Yep belly up and blowing HOT air like a heater. Not good. Not good at all! I had known there were bad noises from it and had nudged Butch to fix it - he said the bla bla bla needs a bla bla. So... Do it? Nope. So now it's blowing hot air. The girls had stayed upstairs earlier in the week and knew it was hot up there - another case of NOT telling the parental units. Sigh. So I start calling to check lead times on a technician. I finally found one with Keadle Air. He came out that afternoon and fixed it. Yeah!!! There is a freon leak, however - boooo. That, however will have to be a morning call as our other unit is in the attic. It's WAY too hot to do that job in the afternoon!!

So there you have it...and MY car has still not made it to the shop to see about its sticky lock yet either. Maybe it really doesn't come in threes? Maybe it's 4's and 5's around here? Scary thought! I only say this because that was the trend last year...

Let's hope not!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Someone Jinxed me... saying I hadn't posted in a while.

Why do I say that is a jinx?  I don't post until I have something to say... and regretfully, I have something to say now...

It all started... kidding, kidding - its not that long of a story (or maybe it is!)

I'm working on my three expenses this year that will break me.  The Truck - I offered sweetly like a LOON to have Butch's truck in the shop for a MUCH needed brake job since it hops down the road like a bunny when you are braking - always a fun experience.  Anyway, his comments when I offered this - he's on his way to the Tortuga's when this offer was made via phone - his words?  Well, while you have it there get the transmission service and the 100,000 mile check.  Me, stupidly, had NO idea what that would cost.  Let's see, Ford thinks they are now in a league with Mercedes... $900 for the 100,000 check with transmission flush and coolant, because lets face it I don't think this truck has seen much "servicing" in it's life... THEN the $500 for the brakes and rotors.  OUCH.  So, $1500.00 and it drives (and STOPS) like a top!  Damn well should for that cost!

So... I get the truck home at 6pm (I'm walking a bit funny from loosing part of my a$$ on that one)... I go to the computer - THIS computer... #$%^&*() computer.  It will NOT talk to my iPad nor iPhone anymore... %^&*() yes, I'm NOT happy with this thing... and it won't load the updated drivers - Say's the are just fine... yeah, right.  So, anyway, I'm working on it until 10pm when the girls (Clair and Liz) get home... first solo drive to and from practice... I'm happy to see them - UNTIL.... Until when you say?  Until I go towards bed at 10:30 - remember fighting computers, girls not home until 10... yeah... it's late... I hear a noise... not a good noise... I follow it and the outside upright freezer is SQUEALING... yeah.. and it's THAWING!!!  OK, it had not been doing this when I came in.. however I also didn't notice that the freaking door was OPEN either... ALL DAY. 

OK, so you can tell my language skills are now gone and reverted to four letter words and a LOT of them... "just who is this everyone knows the doors close on their own on fridges and freezers?"  Really????   REALLY???  No, they do NOT close on their own... MORE four letter words... oh, yeah, I'm THRILLED to discover this at 10:30 on the way to bed... NOT.  So... I drag out three coolers and toss all the non-thawed fish into the coolers and have Liz call Mom and Dad in Utah to see if we can stuff their freezer with our fish... LOTS of fish... I stuff our inside freezer with all we can.  I chuck all that is soft and thawed... fast, fast, fast - all coolers full to the brim with fish... dash to mom and dad's house, STUFF their freezer with fish... and I mean it's full.  They also inherited the LARGE box of corn dogs ... I left the candy in the freezer and booked.

So... it's now midnight and I'm dragging butt home.  I decided there was no smoke and maybe just maybe it's squealing for an alarm, and when it gets to temp it will shut up - it has been thawing all day while running... we'll see if it will ever catch up.  Nope.  All night squealing and nada - more melting.  Sigh.  The girls were left with the job of get all the candy out and put it into the cooler in the laundry room...

Now here is the "hello my name is Donna and I'm a hoarder..."

No, your eyes do not deceive you... that is TWO coolers in the laundry room  In my very weak defense, there is probably a tub of margaritas in there as well - the ones you add booze and freeze... yeah, I didn't specify to NOT put that in there and just chuck it.

So there you have it... all my Halloween candy stash - in ONE spot - there is no denying how much there is now, is there?  hahahaha

AND this is WHY the freaking door to the freezer was left open - CANDY raiding.
Guess my savings on the candy cost bit me in the butt, eh?

They come in three's - did I mention I need to take MY car to the shop again because the drivers side lock will not engage via remote anymore.. it's like it's sticking... yep... my third.  Let's just stop there on the expenses please!!