Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

Road trip to Grandmas house!

Liz and Angela slept at Grandmas house and called us when they got up.

Well, more when Liz got up ;)

She's starting to come around!!

Guam items are a hit.

Later that day we had a late lunch/early dinner if Brontosaurus steaks.

We had shrimp, Steak and crab legs to eat. Yum!!

A great day was had by all!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Trip Home...(sniffle, sniffle, sniffle)

one more random shot of the baby hermit crab

The flight.  I had grand hopes that I would get a BIG bonus and get bumped from my flight home.  they did ask on the kiosk as I was signing in if I would be willing to take a different flight and I said "no" there, but when I got up to check my bags I asked what they were offering but they assured me they had all the seats they needed.  DRAT IT.  Oh, well.  So my flights were: 
Guam - Narita Japan
Narita - LAX

The view as we took off from Guam - I didn't have a window seat, but they did put me in to the emergency row.... middle seat and it was only a 4 hour trip, so I was OK with that.  The guy with the window closed it and slept through the flight.  (they close windows for the movies - sigh)

I tried to get onto the direct flight to ATL from Narita - no such luck - the standard answer was "it will be $1,000 to switch.  Urm, No, that is what my ticket cost to begin with, thanks.  It was sad because that flight was two gates over from mine and left 10 minutes before mine but got in a full EIGHT hours before I arrived in ATL.  Drat my layover in LAX (6 hours, I wasn't paying attention to THAT when I booked it!)  So - I settled in and watched some movies on the way home.  I watched Cinderella,  Mission Impossible and Max (dog show).  That combined with Train Wreck, Scorch Trials, Jupiter Ascending and  Jurassic World have made for some good movies to watch on planes!!  Fun to binge watch them when they are free on the flights!!

Coming into California!
 Up near Santa Barbara area
 LA Basin now!

So, after sitting in LAX all day, I finally got on my 5pm flight to home.  It was fun flying over places at night.
Albuquerque is BIG when all lit up at night!

I was surprised OKC wasn't much brighter from the sky, but it was pretty spread out as well, so maybe that's the difference.

 And with that I made it home to ATL.  I got in just before midnight, but the shuttle wasn't there... they were scheduled to be there at 1am sigh... so I waited, charged my phone and waited...
made it home by 2:30ish, went home, took a nice warm shower (it's stinking COLD here) and went to bed... zzzzzz

Three hour tour....**updated**

OK, I'm on a computer now and have a bit more control over the photos and how to post them without issues, so "on with the show"
 What we looked like - this is the "twin" to us that was on the river the same time we were, but really, it's the best way to show comparison of sizes to the local flora.
 Lots of baby Needle fish in the water
... and one that the "guide" caught for us.  He was a cute little fish.
 The kids leaning over with bread to toss to the catfish that were in the area.  Very murky water, but doesn't appear to be too deep around here - silty river.  The outlet where it comes out is where the family surfs - again very brackish water, but they don't seem to have many issues with sharks in the area.

Huge 6' or taller ginger plants, they smelled so good!!

Look up in the crack area ... do you SEE that????
 What is it???? It's a bee hive.  yep, natural bee hive on the hill.  Pretty good sized one too!
 We climbed up a little incline to a "cave" wich was more of a dent in the wall - lots of spider webs in there, but B had no fear!!

Sometimes it just pays to look up and take a random shot of the sky between the leaves of the trees  Very peaceful here.

This is a natural spring area - it's feeding in from the left and flowing out to the right - there are times when the tide is coming in that the water is overwhelmed with brackish water, but they said in slack tides the water is cool and fresh.  (No, I didn't taste it)

Those big balls on there are seed pods for this plant - each bump is a seed - thus they spread quite well!

Linda trying on the hat Ella got during the "demonstration time"

While walking out they had a few animals in cages.. one was a crab - we had seen a few smaller ones in the wild where they would toss bread to them to encourage them to come out to eat... I had wanted to see one, but it was shocking to turn around and have it RIGHT THERE!  B is not standing that far behind him... he is HUGE!!!
 My thumb is almost touching the fence...
 The squares of the chain link should give you a clue just how BIG these things are!  They are quite impressive and I'm glad I didn't see one coming out of it's hole to say "hi" while we were at the beach!!!!  Angela saw it and said it's rather spider looking... I have to agree.  YUCK!!

So that was our last adventure in the wilds of Guam!  What a trip it was!!!  Tandy and Damian were the BEST most gracious hosts to put us all up and show us around.  What a treat!