Friday, April 3, 2015

Freedom!!!! (Coming in one year and one day!!)

Taking her test!!

Success!!! I can seem freedom in the distant future!!

Driving Reba (the RAV4) on day one.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

No more paint ever. (Please???)

No really.
I. Never. Want. To. Paint. Again.

Two coats of trim. Note the fridge is moved. The water supply line was long enough to reach over to there after being released from its coil. We taped it down and shut it off, but I wasn't strong enough to get it off the spigot under the sink :o/

Doors for the lower cabinets and drawers. Still debating the wisdom of painting the drawers but they were HORRID. So. They had to be dealt with.

Doors for the uppers drying.

All of the lower cabinet items drying.

The cabinets done and waiting for Angela and I to get cleaned up and get hardware from Home Depot.

Doors all lined up in order of installation. And paint items drying on the ladder.

So... We came home to get showered and head to the store to get hinges. Found the ones that look just like the old ones but in a nickel color. Find hinges. Find magnetic latches. Get one of the door pulls to see how it looks on the doors. (Silver with glass) Get 15 sixteen foot long pieces of shoe moulding. Get that strapped to the top Of the car. Drive home. Comedy of errors getting the LONG pieces of shoe mould bundle into the house. No windows were lost however a few chuckles where had.

We then put the hinges on the cabinets and they don't quite fit. Sigh. Ok. Give up on that one. Move to the door handle. Nope. The hole isn't all the way through the door. Sigh. Ok. Give up on that one. Move to the door in the hallway and they are the wrong size. Yeah, it's time to go on to the house. On that note amid much chuckles and ribbing of each other with "oh NOOOO, we don't need the original to compare sizes, they're all the same".

Hahahaha. Horrible. So we quit and came back to the house to a wonderful dinner with Sally! Always a great dinner with Sally :)

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Day two

Angela wanted to know exactly what restrictions are on spackle and WHY they have restrictions.

Some of them were interesting. Then the paparazzi showed up - ha!!

Two coats of primer. Toe kick NOT painted.

Toe kick painted. Shocking what that toe kick being painted does for the dark pit under the cabinets!

Today we wimped out on the job and worked only half day.

You'll also note a hole in the drywall in the interior of the cabinets (third from the right). Sigh. Electrical routing holes. Something to patch. Ah well. Small price to pay, I guess.

OH the other HUGE thing done was Angela finished up the potty door for the hall bath. It was funny I was on the stool in the kitchen and hear her hollering for me. She locked herself into the bath - door knob in hand. Hahahaha. I got a screw driver and let her out ;) the GREAT news is this means we now have TWO potties with doors now - YAY!!! It's the little this in life, right?

Tomorrow is trim paint. Two coats. And cabinet doors. They have trim paint (and Kilz) on one side. Now for the inside of the doors to be finished. And the drawers and doors for the lowers is on the list as well. Maybe we shouldn't have slacked off today??

Spring break

Ok not all of spring break has been work, Saturday we drove down and Sunday we shopped at the commissary.
Monday. Well, Monday is a work day.
Butch left the cabinets looking like this:

What you can't see is the paper is still in all of the cabinets

NOW it is not!! What a mess. Two layers of paper to pull up and out. Note the DUST in there as well. Another present from Butch. It's now cleaned up as well :)

Half way through our work we heard a mower! Margarita (the mower has a name) made it through the gate! Sally had sweetly driven over to mow!

Angie took a break from painting to learn how to mow. She did a great job!

Uppers done!

Primer on the doors!

A lizard friend in the house

Of course I had to catch and release. :) he was cute

Angie was a good sport about my bad knees and sanded the bottom half of the cabinets for me :) she did and awesome job!

And here is where the paint pan ran out of paint. Almost 100% done with the first coat of primer on the top half. And the bottom fully sanded and ready to go.

It's going to look awesome when It's done!

Oh and the original color of the kitchen was a nice sky blue (inside the cabinet ceiling). Cute!! May have to go back to that color in time?

AND an awesome dinner of steak and crab legs. Yum!!! Sally is such an awesome cook and spoils us so much!!