Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring break

Ok not all of spring break has been work, Saturday we drove down and Sunday we shopped at the commissary.
Monday. Well, Monday is a work day.
Butch left the cabinets looking like this:

What you can't see is the paper is still in all of the cabinets

NOW it is not!! What a mess. Two layers of paper to pull up and out. Note the DUST in there as well. Another present from Butch. It's now cleaned up as well :)

Half way through our work we heard a mower! Margarita (the mower has a name) made it through the gate! Sally had sweetly driven over to mow!

Angie took a break from painting to learn how to mow. She did a great job!

Uppers done!

Primer on the doors!

A lizard friend in the house

Of course I had to catch and release. :) he was cute

Angie was a good sport about my bad knees and sanded the bottom half of the cabinets for me :) she did and awesome job!

And here is where the paint pan ran out of paint. Almost 100% done with the first coat of primer on the top half. And the bottom fully sanded and ready to go.

It's going to look awesome when It's done!

Oh and the original color of the kitchen was a nice sky blue (inside the cabinet ceiling). Cute!! May have to go back to that color in time?

AND an awesome dinner of steak and crab legs. Yum!!! Sally is such an awesome cook and spoils us so much!!

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Linda Liebhardt said...

What color are the finished cabinets going to be?