Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Day two

Angela wanted to know exactly what restrictions are on spackle and WHY they have restrictions.

Some of them were interesting. Then the paparazzi showed up - ha!!

Two coats of primer. Toe kick NOT painted.

Toe kick painted. Shocking what that toe kick being painted does for the dark pit under the cabinets!

Today we wimped out on the job and worked only half day.

You'll also note a hole in the drywall in the interior of the cabinets (third from the right). Sigh. Electrical routing holes. Something to patch. Ah well. Small price to pay, I guess.

OH the other HUGE thing done was Angela finished up the potty door for the hall bath. It was funny I was on the stool in the kitchen and hear her hollering for me. She locked herself into the bath - door knob in hand. Hahahaha. I got a screw driver and let her out ;) the GREAT news is this means we now have TWO potties with doors now - YAY!!! It's the little this in life, right?

Tomorrow is trim paint. Two coats. And cabinet doors. They have trim paint (and Kilz) on one side. Now for the inside of the doors to be finished. And the drawers and doors for the lowers is on the list as well. Maybe we shouldn't have slacked off today??

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