Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hot tub surround "fix"

Before (with a lovely pollen ring)


After! We have to wait until Monday to let the water flow and check it out thoroughly. I can't wait! It's shorter, however if it doesn't leak I'll be THRILLED!!

Next up, is new liner ;)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Job referrals...

I have qualified for a JOB!!  Where?  Schinnen Netherlands
What's it doing?  IT Specialist (Customer support)
GS-12 level, applicants must possess one year of specialized experience equivalent to the next lower grade/level (GS-07).  Specialized experience is defined as experience in diagnosing and resolving problems in response to customer reported incidents; dealing with a wide variety of applications, operating systems, protocols, and equipment used in customer organizations; and applying methods and practices for troubleshooting, recovering, adjusting, modifying, and improving IT systems. 
You will be evaluated on the basis of your level of competency (knowledge, skills, abilities) in the following areas:
- Knowledge of a wide range of IT standards, principles, concepts, methods and policies.
- Knowledge of practices of office automation to provide advice in problem resolution related to ITinfrastructure, networks and/or telecommunications.
- Knowledge of VTC transmission methods and technology.
OK so I don't know anything about VTC, but sure I could figure it out...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Other events

Angela heading off to flag practice at the high school. :) my baby starts high school next year - where has the time gone? Go Angela. Try outs are this Friday. She's so scared and excited.

Liz got an award tonight for most improved swimmer!