Saturday, June 27, 2015

Weekend in Pine Mountain

Why did I take a picture of the road?

And what else??

Not one, but two babies :) twins. Cute!!

So cute! Glad I stopped for those babies, they were so tentative crossing the street. Glad they made it safely across before a car came from the opposite way!

I had a great night scrapping and meeting new ladies.

I have to say, of the few scrapping retreats I have been to in Georgia, this is one place I will gladly go back to. The beds are all new and comfy. The scrapping room is more than ample :). It's only a two hour drive away as well.

On the way home I saw a fox as well. I was in a populated area in a ridge running area of the drive. No chance yo take a picture. It ran across the street and I questioned if it was a cat. When I saw it duck between houses, I coked then see it was a grown red fox. Very dark color red.