Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Butch and I work up early. I couldn't go back to sleep so I went ahead and got up to start breakfast and do stockings. The grace of having MUCH older kids :)

Moms stocking.

Angela's stocking.

Liz's stocking

And Butch's stocking.

The tree before ....

The other side. This LOOKS like a lot as there are NO presents directly under the tree :)

Angela trying to figure out a puzzle game.

Liz - does NOT want to be up and it's almost 9am :o/ Christmas cheer is lost on her :)

She finally got up and enjoyed some breakfast casserole and opened the items in her stocking. Angela was allowed to start her stocking well in advance of Liz since she was being a bum!

No pictures during. I actually sat back and just enjoyed the moments. Mostly because I was EVIL in my wrapping.

This is the amount of presents .....

Wrapped in THESE boxes! Yep. Gift bags taped to the bottom on HUGE boxes with noise makers in there. Tubes from wrapping paper with pens in them that would rattle and slide. Too funny to watch faces in these. I also packed one with a scuba weight. Everyone got a good laugh over the wrapping :)

Butch got two pair of jeans and his desired wireless thermometer for outside.

Angela got a much needed emergency car kit as well as lots of gift cards.

Liz also got a lot of gift cards and a solar shower for her adventures next year (or camping!)

I got my new hair dryer (Mine conked out) and a Roomba. I'm excited to try this guy out. Sad that we have to do some cleaning before we can turn it loose to clean :) looking forward to turning it on, gong to work and coming home to clean floors.