Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day one.

Well we don't have Internet anywhere here. No hot spots anywhere we go. We have purchase a card to give us one hour so I hope this will post or the emails go out :)
Almost ready to land!
I'm a mean mother and believe in going right to the timeline you are entering. So I warned Liz we would "hit the ground running" and we did. We landed and go into our waiting car - I have to say that was an awesome thing to have done and loved it! so nice to walk out - see your name and just head to your hotel. No lugging of suitcases through terminals. Loved it!

Once we left our luggage at the hotel we hit the metro, got our three day pass and headed to the Vatican museum.
Liz checking out the Vatican Museum.
New friend in the museum.
We also went to saint peters and u finally found the entrance to the grotto!! I had never been there. Interesting to see it finally. It wasn't what I expected. Very white and sterile. Iterating! The while experience was beyond crowded. And by the time we went through security. Yes that was new too. Metal detectors the whole thing. They were also setting up for something big as well with a lot blocked off with barriers. There was also some cleaning of the colonnades going on as well. It will be beautiful when they are done. One side was 99% done and looked great! Nice and white :). I didn't take pictures. It all looks the same :)
We ate at a sidewalk vendor the went to the Spanish steps to see what we could see.
Spanish steps! I'm too old for this! We hiked to the top to see if the hotel I stayed at 30 years ago was still there. Nope. :( ah well. It had been too long.

After this I relented and we went back to the hotel to make arrangements for our Pompeii trip tomorrow. And we broke down and had a nap. It took all I could to get Liz up again. But once I did we went back to Spanish steps to do the photo match. Poor bear didn't make it out with us all day. First he was locked in the checked bag room then in our room. Poor guy! We will do better tomorrow as he's going in my purse tonight!
Poor Liz is wore out but had some spaghetti carbonarra and I had my Capricciosa which was better in my memory. BUT the dessert was so worth it
Took a bite before I remembered to show how pretty!!
After all this and a bottle of frizzante water we were revived. We decided to go see the Trevi fountain.
Photos of Liz throwing her three coins in will come later as they are on the camera :)
It was another LONG hit walk with high humidity. Sweating it all out today ! We even stopped for a gellato on the last leg of the treck back to the metro.

Now showered and heading to
bed and not even too early after showers. ;). It's 9:30 and our tour guys will pick us up at 7am. We have a box breakfast set up
For us as well as a cafe. Yeah us!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Guess who's going with us?

I'm not sure she has a name ... she'll see Italy soon!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Worries and slight panic...and letting go...(maybe)

It's been tooo long since I have traveled... it's been too long since I have been out of the states and truly on my own in a foreign country... it's just been too long!!  We're leaving in 5 short days and I think I'm a bit more prepared.  I have a hotel booked in Rome.  I have no idea how to get there... but I have it booked :)  that should scare me, but I keep getting side tracked.  I know, I know... get it together!
I just can't.  I have two hotels booked for the whole time and I think I'm OK with that... I have Venice as it's a weekend, and I have Rome as it's a weekend as well.  The rest?  I think we're really going to wing it.  I have an 11 day EuRail pass and think I'm going to really leave this up to chance for now.
Scary in a way, liberating in a way.

The Venice hotel is almost a joke, it's the hotel that my cousin and I stayed in some 20+ years ago when we backpacked Europe.  Liz said she wanted to experience it.  So experience it, we will. :)

the rest of the trip, with the exception of the overnight - and even that may change... we'll go, we'll see, we'll see if we like it, if not, we head on out to another stop on the map and call it good :)

We'll see if I survive this trip!!