Tuesday, January 18, 2011

One more project DONE!!

And without lifting a finger - just having an opinion on placement between leaving work and going to my Dr's appointment - now that's a trick! 

Now everyone say a prayer that these lovely trees grow and fill in and make a very PRIVATE backyard and lovely little oasis for our world...

For those wondering they are Cryptomeria - Japanese Cedars - although looking up everything they really aren't a true Cedar - which makes me happy as Mom is allergic to Cedars.  They should get HUGE and fill in nicely.  I'm hoping for at least a 2' growth this next year and continued as time goes on.... everyone say a prayer they all do well and flourish!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

One HUGE project done...

...during... not sure why I never seem to remember to do a "before" shot!

After - 1

After - 2

OK, so the thing was, I got the wild hair to check ONE thing off my "to do" list.. and thought, why not the ceiling?  I got started painting... near the sink and completely ran out of ceiling paint.  Crap!  Popcorn ceilings SUCK up paint.  So... I went to Lowe's, and thought while I was going, i would pick up the wall color too.  Just in case I decided to get REALLY ambitious. 

Well, I got the WRONG color.  I picked up the paint chip for the front door instead of the bathroom - can you say CAVE dark??  Yeah, that color is sitting in the garage now waiting on a project for someone, anyone to use it on. 

So... I go BACK to Lowe's and get the correct color - in for a penny, in for a pound, right?  I get the ceiling painted and decided that yep, while on a roll, get the walls done too.  I cut in all the walls and I think I got the first coat on before dinner.  Then sliced my finger wide open making taco salad of all things.  Yikes... however was determined to get the 2nd coat on the wall and be DONE with this tonight. 

This is the end result.  Every time I would sit down and relax - as in for dinner, I got sooo stiff, I figured I had BETTER get it ALL done tonight or it will NEVER get wrapped up tomorrow!  I did get some trim paint too, however, that will wait for another day, I'm afraid!!

Lighting throws these pictures off, shading etc.  I'll try and get some with natural light tomorrow.