Monday, October 27, 2014

Zombie Run

Zombie Run show time = 9:30
Shuttle into the sight get makeup:

This is pre blood

Note the HUGE blood area around this gal. It's HUGE!! Blood splatter!!

After blood and it's clottie. Urp!!

Full body shot!

Love them!

This is my new bluddy (Hahahaha). We hung out the first 1/2 hour or so on the course the. She moved further in.

There is a drone just below the roof line of the right building. Cool little buzzing thing!

Here they are gathering it to take to the next area.

Zombie passing through.

My cohort in crime for quite a but of the day!

Helicopters were coming in and out all day. Some military. Some civilian. It sure added to the realism!!

More zombies.

Braaaassiiiiiinnnnnnnssss...oh wait, I mean "flaaaaaggggssss". This is about 1/5 if the flags I managed to nab!

Looking towards the entrance into our courtyard and towards the heliport area. They kept flying in and out of there. Guess it's their practice roof.

Co-workers Marie and Alan stopped for a photo-op after the alley I was in ;)

Then the kids came through, they "lost" Jasmine in the first 1/3 of the race.

Cohort eating the kids ;)

Everything I would lean on the wall I would leave a clot or a smear - ewh!

I lasted from 10:00 to 1:00 before giving up and going in search of the subway! I became a tourist zombie ;)

The flooded part of town! Cars and swing sets were all in place. Unsure if the buildings had stuff inside as I wasn't willing to get wet to see.

The bottom car would be submerged in a full reservoir. Cool rescue training area!

Around the corner and I to the "tunnel" training area.

There are Zombies in there!!

Really foggy in spots!!

Back outside and I ran into some beauty queens. ;)

And into the subway!!
I had to leave the 5k area to actually go INTO the trains.....

I had to go into the 10k area to walk through the inside of the subway trains however it was so worth it. VERY creepy and dark!!

I did holler at the resident zombies or NOT scare me as I was simply a tourist and not a runner. They were nice and didn't scare me. Good thing too cause I woulda pee'd!! Yikes!!!

Note the PILE of cups by the water station. Yikes!! So this is about 1/2 way down a LONG building and I asked for a short cut to the finish line. I was told to cut out any side door and walk around the outside.

I walked into the field just to the right of the second clump of bushes.....I didn't note how far I had to go!!!

I'm just 1/2 way there!!! I was the lone zombie in the field from the 2nd (or was it third) year of The Walking Dead. Seriously. I had a limp by this time due to a sore foot and knee...I was a mess!! People when they finally noticed me were freaking :) It was awesome!!

Note the people waiting to get in the roof. Realism! Actually just helicopter rides, but so cool!!

The collapsed building we weren't able to go through...

The rest of the crew!

Me and my "kids" for the day!

Had to laugh at the bodily fluid kit in the front!

We went to lunch/dinner at Zaxsbys (yes, I was in full makeup still). A few knew what was going on. Most just did a discrete double take and stared. Ha!

Then home and into the "decontamination chamber" Aka the shower. I scrubbed and scrubbed while in there and...

I was still infected!!!!

So a few makeup remover sheets and a layer or two of skin and I only have a few freckles that really aren't mine. I can live with that.

The aftermath.... That stuff soaked through everything including shoes. I still have a red toe and a red splotch on my leg as I simply didn't care by that point! Yep, "blood" in my bra, undies and socks. Kinda funny!!