Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another "new" addition to our house.

This weekend Mom and I drove down to drop Angela and a friend off with Grandma Sally at the half way point.  I decided that all these places that I had always wanted to see were going to be SEEN this weekend!  So, kiddo's dropped off safely with Grandma and off we went.  First stop was in a tiny town that has TONS of murals all over the place and of all things, a craft sale in the town square - yes, they have true squares here with the courthouse in the middle.  Cute place.  We stopped and walked through the square and a LOT of folks were doing vinyl on plastic ware, glasses and mason jars.  I did like the look of the mason jars with matching or coordinating ribbons to the dots or whatever they had on them - very cute.
That was fun.  We then went down a side road looking for a boat ramp that I had always wondered about on this cute little "creek" that is more impressive than most.  We drove and drove and drove on a dirt road and NOTHING - we kept going to a cross road and looking at Google maps - we were half way there.  Wow - long road for a boat ramp!!

Stopped off at the local antique and pottery place and discovered she imports them from Vietnam - and pays a HIGH price for them too - wow!  $750 for a pot - large pot, but - hello??  No, thanks!!  BUT I did find THIS:
I had been looking for some sort of hutch/display, but most of them are HUGE.   I like this one it's art deco and just right for that corner.  Not according to the 15 year old, but it's growing on Butch and I rather like it there... I'm still looking at everything I can display in there and get it out of my other cupboards.

We stopped off at a used furniture place and when I asked how long they had been there - 8 YEARS.  Hum.. not sure why in all the 10 years we have made that trip I never noticed them until this trip.  Different mind set, maybe?  Hum.  Hard to tell.  We looked through there and then headed north again. 

stopped at the farmers market for a watermelon and a cantaloupe.  Then stopped in a town that has a rocket.  I kept thinking there would be this GREAT history behind it.  It's almost funny.  The bottom line?  It's a Titan missile that some member of the community wanted, purchased and put on display.  End of story.  How funny.  I think I should ramp the girls up to read the history behind it and look at them when they read about it - ha! 

So, the 2.75 hour drive took us about 4 hours to make home, but boy was it fun!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Morning visit with the "new" neighbor

My Bird house that I had taken off the tree last year and I just placed it up on the wood pile while I debated how to fix it and where I would place it once fixed...
 Only to discover that in it's placement - someone found that it still made a GREAT home.
 With the flash so you can see one of the three eggs who are being hatched.
 Why a picture of this pot?  Well, it's the natural fiber ones to hold water... and the little bluebird mom LOVES it for her nest.  As I was sitting there reading the paper she was in the edge just digging away to get fibers out of it.  By the time I went to get the camera, take pictures of the egg, she decided it was too much for her and didn't come back for more fibers that morning :o)