Thursday, November 17, 2016

And that's a wrap!

Tuesday Robert, Janet and the girls headed out at 7:30am to the airport. David and Laura headed out driving to Texas and later in the morning Britnee, Eric and the kiddos headed to the airport as well. Not sure why I have no picture of their cute little family during this trip? I did, however, get a parting shot of the boys with their vampire teeth they found in my stash upstairs ;)

Funny kiddos!!

Just as they pulled out THIS happened!!

Really it seas no fault of anyone, just agee and wear. I'm sooo glad this didn't happen when I had to be anywhere! I was cleaning the house and running up and downstairs and trotting stuff to the trash when this happened. Yikes!!!

Yep, look closer.
The wheel shaft wasn't in the bracket anymore and the cable is all jacked up! Thank goodness for the repair guys. They were here in less than an hour and a half from my call to fixed it. Then again at that cost, they should be quick!! ;) I'm just glad we have the money to do this fix without thinking twice!!

All Girls Weekend day four

Views from my window. I stepped into the window sill as they are full length windows...

Then I looked up...
Wow!! Yeah. It's falling in!! I quickly stepped out. The one ceiling over the balcony door wasn't quite that bad.
However still pretty warped. Explains why our door didn't work :(

Oh well. Back to Janet's balcony for parting shots!!
Then down to Tubby's for a good breakfast!!
Then we were off and running to see parts of the town.

We chose the Davenport House for a house tour.

Mom and Linda on the Factors Walk.

I only took one picture on the tour.
Yeah, my picture doesn't compare.

Next up we got the car from the garage and did a looping tour around most of the squares of Savannah.

This is what I looked back to see 1/2 way home - ha!! Made me feel right at home as this is what the girls look like when I drive :)

Yep, both asleep!!

Linda had us all gather at mom and dads got a sibling and parent photo op :)

All Girls Weekend day two and three

Day two was a down day for most if not all. We lost Angela, Jessica, Sarah, Janet and Robert to Savannah to play with Britnee and Eric and their kids for the night. Elizabeth met them there on Sunday morning as well.

Angela had school the next day so headed back to Warner Robins with Britnee, Eric, Robert and the kids. Liz stayed and played with us!

Mom, Laura, Linda and I drove down to Savannah on Sunday. We had a nice lunch at the Cotton Exchange.

Then we headed out for our sight seeing your on the river.

Wouldn't you know it this was the coldest day in the last few weeks!!

Mom was snuggled in Linda's winter clothing!!

We went back to the hotel and Janet got her room and checked in. Kim had gotten her room earlier. They had a cute room with two queen iron four poster beds. Very cute room.

We all tested out the balcony ;)

Mom and Linda think it's creepy. Hahah!!

We wandered and shopped and eventually ended up at

Linda and Moms room was on the 5th floor (top floor) cute business looking hallway.

Laura and I finally got our room only to find it had been damaged in the hurricane. Drat it!! All in all I highly recommend the hotel and location and they did right by me with the room and lowered my rates to reflect the room situation.

For dinner we walked down to the River House Restaurant.

Great food and great company!!!

Poor Lizzie had to head home to grade papers :( sad she had to go home.

All Girls Weekend begins!!

Laura arrived bed on Wednesday the 9th and stayed over at Kim and Dads for dinner the. They then came to our house to sleep. We got a little visiting in before heading to bed as I was still working through Thursday night.

Linda and Janet were to arrive here on Thursday night. Janet was coming in after 8pm and picking up a rental car. Linda was coming in at 5pm (delayed to 5:30) and not getting a rental car, so mom and I decided to go to Atlanta to get her.

On the way we got this shock!! I looked up to see this...
No it's just a semi being hauled. Still made me look twice! Ha!!

Linda's almost here!!!

Linda arrived right on (delayed) time. We picked her up and headed home. She was staying at moms so they headed to their house. Janet and company came in about midnight and everyone settled in.

What's not mentioned here is that Britnee and Eric along with Kelson, Jason and Chloe got here in Tuesday night however they headed to Tybee on Wednesday to check out that area.

Friday the 10th the girls headed south to Cordele to ride the Sam Short Line to Plains Ga.

Lake Blackshear


It was a fun little ride out and back. I think it's a decent ride just to say we've done it. It may be easier to just drive it :)

We then headed home for A good meal of Taco Soup that I had put in the crockpots before I left for the day ;)

We started a game of Push the Dummy before Dad pooped out and the folks headed to the house.

A fun time was had by all!