Thursday, November 17, 2016

All Girls Weekend day two and three

Day two was a down day for most if not all. We lost Angela, Jessica, Sarah, Janet and Robert to Savannah to play with Britnee and Eric and their kids for the night. Elizabeth met them there on Sunday morning as well.

Angela had school the next day so headed back to Warner Robins with Britnee, Eric, Robert and the kids. Liz stayed and played with us!

Mom, Laura, Linda and I drove down to Savannah on Sunday. We had a nice lunch at the Cotton Exchange.

Then we headed out for our sight seeing your on the river.

Wouldn't you know it this was the coldest day in the last few weeks!!

Mom was snuggled in Linda's winter clothing!!

We went back to the hotel and Janet got her room and checked in. Kim had gotten her room earlier. They had a cute room with two queen iron four poster beds. Very cute room.

We all tested out the balcony ;)

Mom and Linda think it's creepy. Hahah!!

We wandered and shopped and eventually ended up at

Linda and Moms room was on the 5th floor (top floor) cute business looking hallway.

Laura and I finally got our room only to find it had been damaged in the hurricane. Drat it!! All in all I highly recommend the hotel and location and they did right by me with the room and lowered my rates to reflect the room situation.

For dinner we walked down to the River House Restaurant.

Great food and great company!!!

Poor Lizzie had to head home to grade papers :( sad she had to go home.

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