Thursday, November 17, 2016

All Girls Weekend day four

Views from my window. I stepped into the window sill as they are full length windows...

Then I looked up...
Wow!! Yeah. It's falling in!! I quickly stepped out. The one ceiling over the balcony door wasn't quite that bad.
However still pretty warped. Explains why our door didn't work :(

Oh well. Back to Janet's balcony for parting shots!!
Then down to Tubby's for a good breakfast!!
Then we were off and running to see parts of the town.

We chose the Davenport House for a house tour.

Mom and Linda on the Factors Walk.

I only took one picture on the tour.
Yeah, my picture doesn't compare.

Next up we got the car from the garage and did a looping tour around most of the squares of Savannah.

This is what I looked back to see 1/2 way home - ha!! Made me feel right at home as this is what the girls look like when I drive :)

Yep, both asleep!!

Linda had us all gather at mom and dads got a sibling and parent photo op :)

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