Thursday, November 17, 2016

All Girls Weekend begins!!

Laura arrived bed on Wednesday the 9th and stayed over at Kim and Dads for dinner the. They then came to our house to sleep. We got a little visiting in before heading to bed as I was still working through Thursday night.

Linda and Janet were to arrive here on Thursday night. Janet was coming in after 8pm and picking up a rental car. Linda was coming in at 5pm (delayed to 5:30) and not getting a rental car, so mom and I decided to go to Atlanta to get her.

On the way we got this shock!! I looked up to see this...
No it's just a semi being hauled. Still made me look twice! Ha!!

Linda's almost here!!!

Linda arrived right on (delayed) time. We picked her up and headed home. She was staying at moms so they headed to their house. Janet and company came in about midnight and everyone settled in.

What's not mentioned here is that Britnee and Eric along with Kelson, Jason and Chloe got here in Tuesday night however they headed to Tybee on Wednesday to check out that area.

Friday the 10th the girls headed south to Cordele to ride the Sam Short Line to Plains Ga.

Lake Blackshear


It was a fun little ride out and back. I think it's a decent ride just to say we've done it. It may be easier to just drive it :)

We then headed home for A good meal of Taco Soup that I had put in the crockpots before I left for the day ;)

We started a game of Push the Dummy before Dad pooped out and the folks headed to the house.

A fun time was had by all!

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Linda Liebhardt said...

I showed the picture to Mike of the "oncoming" truck. His heart almost STOPPED!!! Just seeing that picture scared him so badly. He recuperated okay, though. :-)