Thursday, November 17, 2016

And that's a wrap!

Tuesday Robert, Janet and the girls headed out at 7:30am to the airport. David and Laura headed out driving to Texas and later in the morning Britnee, Eric and the kiddos headed to the airport as well. Not sure why I have no picture of their cute little family during this trip? I did, however, get a parting shot of the boys with their vampire teeth they found in my stash upstairs ;)

Funny kiddos!!

Just as they pulled out THIS happened!!

Really it seas no fault of anyone, just agee and wear. I'm sooo glad this didn't happen when I had to be anywhere! I was cleaning the house and running up and downstairs and trotting stuff to the trash when this happened. Yikes!!!

Yep, look closer.
The wheel shaft wasn't in the bracket anymore and the cable is all jacked up! Thank goodness for the repair guys. They were here in less than an hour and a half from my call to fixed it. Then again at that cost, they should be quick!! ;) I'm just glad we have the money to do this fix without thinking twice!!

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