Saturday, April 22, 2017

Angela's Senior Prom

And so it begins. Josh and Angela going to her Senior Prom. Cute kids!

Rather than having them drive Steve the CRV, I loaned them my car for the night!

And they're off. They are eating at Zen's hibachi grill then off to the dance.

Elizabeth's Honors Symposium

For Lizs Honors program they are required to present their thesis to an audience. Butch and I went to support her.

We got to meet her professor who has been her mentor in the Physics department. Doctor Edwards. He couldn't be more proud of Liz and her accomplishments.

YouTube Video

She had one glitch with PowerPoint changing her formulas into a "hot mess" but she recovered nicely and pressed on! Way to go Liz!!

Yard revamp

After planting the ground cover I discovered it is NOT a full sun plant. Not sure which stick I looked at when I purchased these, but I have removed them this morning and will put them out front shortly.
They should still be within rescue limits.....

Then I planted THESE this morning. I had picked them up yesterday when I went to Lowes to get salt for the pool. I tucked them in a corner, watered them and left them for this morning when it's cool and shady.

It will be shady in the front layer in the afternoon :)

I may still get rid of that scraggly verbena if it doesn't perk up in a bit and grow more flowers.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Yard work....

Lovely red amaryllis...

My pretty wisteria

Snapdragons from last year and new petunias from this year

Love my view!

Another day....

Mulching done....

The wall is done....

More wall.....

And more....

And more....I need something for that pot!

And the last little big of wall....all mulched. All looking pretty :)

My new ground cover that I just discovered is partial sun. Drag it, its on full sun. Crap! We will see how well it holds up... say prayers over these poor plants!