Thursday, June 29, 2017

T3N2 aka " Can I buy a bowel for $1,000 Pat" (credit to Sue - made me laugh!)

So. I went to the local doc today for a follow up on to their MRI. Got horrible responses to everything from him. He was just a jerk about Mayo wanting to redo some of the reports. It's not like HE did the CT or MRI. Geeze! Anyway, this approach was done in an effort to get my stinking telework letter done.

What a freaking joke. I gave them a template and everything. Yeah, nope. Sigh. The only thing that this visit accomplished was to tell me a tentative stage (will continue confirm with those I trust better) and get me to oncology quicker than waiting for the 7th when I talk with Mayo.

So, bonus. I should be fast tracking to Oncology starting around the 10th if all goes well. Now it's just a matter of finishing testing at Mayo. Meeting the oncologist and the radiologist there, discussing treatment plans and options.

I was hoping for less than T2, but really, who are we kidding with everyone's reaction, right? Hopefully biopsy of the lymph nodes will prove it's just swelling, or at worse just a few of them are involved in this rebellion. BUT that won't happen until first thing to decide -radiation or no radiation. Ultimately it's a suggestion and I can chose to,disagree, but really? Will I? I didn't argue with the strict liquid diet, now did I?

Then the real fun starts...

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Hangry Woman

Day four of the forced diet. I have learned one thing...Mexican food is my greatest temptation. Hands down. I wanted to lick the salsa off the chips!! I didn't but I sure as heck wanted to!! I went with the girls from work. I was good, just chatted with them and drank my shake and a Diet Coke (or two!)

I have also picked my oncologist here in town. I talked to the scheduler at the cancer center near the high school here. I told her who had been recommended as doctors (Burns, Sumrall, an Al-Hajj). I told her I feel like I was throwing a dart and not sure if it would matter much who I chose. She asked me what I wanted in a doctor. I DON'T KNOW!! THATS then the tears started...damnit!! I fought through the tears and crackly voice and said I want was a doctor who will give me all the gory details, all the pictures everything. So, the choice she recommends is Sumrall. Ok, I'm good with that. Decision made unless the folks at Mayo say NO.

And I still tear up going over it again...this is so not me. I'm a planner, take charge, make the changes, get it done gal. This? This unknown rattles me to the core. So, I should be better now, right? Hahahaha! Eh, maybe. In time. Maybe never.

This whole thing gets me. Work really pisses me off. It takes THIRTY DAYS to get approved to telework from home. Really? Thirty days? Are you freaking kidding me?? AND I have to have a letter from my doctor with plans, times, etc.

Ok. I can do something about that, Right? Go back to the local idiot, get him to write the letter. Yeah, that didn't work. I had to PAY $20 to turn in the paperwork for them to write the letter. Again, are you freaking kidding me? Ok, whatever. If this will get the letter faster, then that's the faster the process will go because I'm sure my timeline outside of treatment is shrinking. If things go as fast as it dies for some, I could start the week of the 15 days away?

Yeah, not a lot of leeway for a chick with only three weeks worth of leave (give or take a few days in there). Yeah, no comments on that from the peanut gallery! I have had a few crowns, kids doctor appointments that, as she's not 18, I still have to attend. Plus, I take care of mom as needed for appointments that require a driver - and honestly I do NOT begrudge those days. It's the reality of what needed to done with minimal mental health days. Only one in the last 6 months or so...that's reasonable, right?

Anyway, it's frustrating to have to deal with paperwork when it's the last thing I need to deal with, ya know? No one should have to fight for the right to work from home while doing chemo. Especially if you will immunocompromised during these types of treatments. It's shameful. And disheartening. And frustrating.

Speaking of planning, I had to sit down with a spreadsheet to figure out when I can do what for the 5th and the 6th as far as food/drink, actions, things to do to prep for FOUR appointments. Now two of these are labs at noon on the 5th. So that's one stop :)

12:00 AM No food fasting lab
1:00 AM No food fasting lab
2:00 AM No food fasting lab
3:00 AM No food fasting lab
4:00 AM No food fasting lab
5:00 AM No food fasting lab
6:00 AM No food fasting lab
7:00 AM No food fasting lab
8:00 AM Enema
9:00 AM No food fasting lab
10:00 AM Enema
11:00 AM No food fasting lab
12:00 PM Labs
1:00 PM No food but water and possibly broth from after lab to 12:50 drink up!!
2:00 PM 2:50 CT
2:00 PM No drink 2 hr prior
3:00 PM No drink 2 hr prior
4:00 PM MRI (4pm)
5:00 PM No shakes!!! CLEAR BROTHS
6:00 PM Moviprep every 15 minutes till gone
7:00 PM No shakes!!! CLEAR BROTHS
8:00 PM No shakes!!! CLEAR BROTHS
9:00 PM No shakes!!! CLEAR BROTHS
10:00 PM No shakes!!! CLEAR BROTHS
11:00 PM No shakes!!! CLEAR BROTHS

12:00 AM No shakes!!! CLEAR BROTHS
1:00 AM No shakes!!! CLEAR BROTHS
2:00 AM No shakes!!! CLEAR BROTHS
3:00 AM No shakes!!! CLEAR BROTHS
4:00 AM No shakes!!! CLEAR BROTHS
5:00 AM No shakes!!! CLEAR BROTHS
6:00 AM No shakes!!! CLEAR BROTHS
7:00 AM No shakes!!! CLEAR BROTHS
8:00 AM 8:30 Oncology
9:00 AM No shakes!!! CLEAR BROTHS
10:00 AM 10:00 Radiology
11:00 AM Clear liquid - maybe?
12:00 PM no drink 2 hr prior
1:00 PM no drink 2 hr prior
2:00 PM 1:30 Colonoscopy

Yeah, you're allowed to laugh at the fact the dirty word ENEMA is seen TWICE again. Yeah, shoot me now, but at least I get this in a hotel is a "plus" this time 😜 No fast food bathroom for me!! Ha. And as I'm not eating anyway, not sure it matters about the Moviprep, but we shall follow instructions. BUT what this means to me? Chinese food broth!! 😀😀😀 Yeah, small things to look forward to, but I'm grasping for silver linings at this point 😳

Monday, June 26, 2017

Angela's Graduation photos

My girlie is sooooo cute, these photos don't do her justice! So I'm not going to order any. On a plus, I did already hire a photo shoot to get the two together in caps and gowns 😀

Funky eye!! Yeah NOT buying these!

And guess who forgot she was to look AT the camera at the bottom of the stairs? Yeah, this girl. I'm laughing here!!

Love this child, hate these photos!!!

Well-differentiated adenocarcinoma.

And here I thought carcinoma wasn't a bad word. Hum. Good theory.

So we wait. The 5th and 6th will show where we go from here. I'm thinking they were on track with the suggested course of treatments already mentioned.

I'm one of the 95% who have colorectal cancer. Not unique. And so the journey begins.

And work. Don't get me started in work. I have to fill out a TON of papers to get medical telework. Until then I can have two days a week at the bosses discretion.

So we work around appointments and getting my tooth looked at. I heard there is no dental (cleaning may be OK) until we're done. This could suck 😜

Pregnancy did my teeth in last time. We'll see how our and our poison does to them! Sigh.