Monday, June 26, 2017

Well-differentiated adenocarcinoma.

And here I thought carcinoma wasn't a bad word. Hum. Good theory.

So we wait. The 5th and 6th will show where we go from here. I'm thinking they were on track with the suggested course of treatments already mentioned.

I'm one of the 95% who have colorectal cancer. Not unique. And so the journey begins.

And work. Don't get me started in work. I have to fill out a TON of papers to get medical telework. Until then I can have two days a week at the bosses discretion.

So we work around appointments and getting my tooth looked at. I heard there is no dental (cleaning may be OK) until we're done. This could suck 😜

Pregnancy did my teeth in last time. We'll see how our and our poison does to them! Sigh.


Linda Liebhardt said...

Tell me again what is wrong with you tooth?

Donna said...

I had a crown done a while back (last month) and it was tender to chew on. Sooooo just in case chemo and such made it bad to have dental care (she sad no, get your cleanings)... I was being proactive on the tooth care just in case.

Donna said...

Conflicting posts on line so I went proactive instead

Damian said...

The poorly differentiated carcinoma es no bueno