Thursday, June 29, 2017

T3N2 aka " Can I buy a bowel for $1,000 Pat" (credit to Sue - made me laugh!)

So. I went to the local doc today for a follow up on to their MRI. Got horrible responses to everything from him. He was just a jerk about Mayo wanting to redo some of the reports. It's not like HE did the CT or MRI. Geeze! Anyway, this approach was done in an effort to get my stinking telework letter done.

What a freaking joke. I gave them a template and everything. Yeah, nope. Sigh. The only thing that this visit accomplished was to tell me a tentative stage (will continue confirm with those I trust better) and get me to oncology quicker than waiting for the 7th when I talk with Mayo.

So, bonus. I should be fast tracking to Oncology starting around the 10th if all goes well. Now it's just a matter of finishing testing at Mayo. Meeting the oncologist and the radiologist there, discussing treatment plans and options.

I was hoping for less than T2, but really, who are we kidding with everyone's reaction, right? Hopefully biopsy of the lymph nodes will prove it's just swelling, or at worse just a few of them are involved in this rebellion. BUT that won't happen until first thing to decide -radiation or no radiation. Ultimately it's a suggestion and I can chose to,disagree, but really? Will I? I didn't argue with the strict liquid diet, now did I?

Then the real fun starts...

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