Monday, January 19, 2015

Sandblasting for dummies:

Sandblasting for dummies:
Buy $20 sand blaster from Harbor Freight
Buy play sand from Home Depot (recommended)
Have issues with clogging on blaster (curse)
Read instructions
Note: do not use sand
Curse some more
Start sifting sand to keep tiny little pebbles out of the $&@}%*+ blaster
Work for HOURS
Finish one item.....

There are a few spots on here that are iffy still. I'll have to hit it a few more times again with a sanding block.

I regret not taking a before picture. Sigh.

I hit one of the ceiling cents and it comes off OK, but not great.

Butch was a dear and sifted all of the remaining sand so I'm ready to hit it again sometime soon.

Until the were watching MLK movies and cleaning the house. (Finally putting Christmas - what little we had out) into the attic.