Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Job Search Update

Agency name
Job Title
Air Force Materiel Command
Purchase Request System Analyst
Air Force Materiel Command
Headquarters, Air Force Reserve
1712/Supervisory Training Specialist (Emerging Leader Program)
Air Force Materiel Command
Operations Research Analyst, DR-1515-2/3/4
Military Sealift Command
Forest Service
Program Specialist
U.S. Air Force - Agency Wide
Air Force Materiel Command
Supervisory Inventory Management Specialist (Emerging Leader Program)
Supervisory Logistics Management Specialist (Emerging Leader Program)
0346/Supervisory Logistics Management Specialist  (Emerging Leader Program)

So… there you have it… I’m not sure I want to do the Emerging Leader Program… but it’s in the mix regardless

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

You would think being prior military and all that Jazz we would do this holiday up right, wouldn't you?  Nope, not us.  We're very laid back - in fact this squirrels attitude says it all! 
This is how we felt:
 We had gone to the park and I looked up and noted Mr. Squirrel asleep on the limb... by the time I pointed him out and was taking a picture, Angela was armed with a twig to see if he really WAS asleep... well, was is the key word :op  poor squirrel was awake now!
 He seems to be telling her he WILL get even!  ha!
Soon after we got there, we discovered Angela is too old for true park trips anymore... all the little kids on the playground discouraged her from joining in on the fun... sad, my baby is growing up!

Saturday evening we opted for a beach walk at sunset... very nice!

Sunday we got up early and went to the beach for a swim... the water was a bit chilly for we wimpy folks now... burrr... and lots of seaweed that Angela had to fight her fear over... but fight it she did - she made it over in grand style and out to the deeper water!
 Lizzie warming up in the sunshine!
 Angie getting in the shade with Mom....
 Butch was getting a little sun as well....
 Grandma, Angela and I were the only shade hounds the whole weekend! :o)
 Final splash before going home!
This is something I wanted to share... and wish I could capture this for the scrapbook as well, the sound of Destin/Fort Walton Beach sand is quite unique in the world...
it squeaks!