Saturday, December 3, 2016

It's beginning to look like Christmas!

Ok we are still in the midst of quite a few boxes but things are shaping up

I have gone simple for the mantle this year. I have forgone the greenery swag this year.

My tiny dome scenes. Three snowmen.

Santa with his sleigh

Truck with presents and a snowman.

And David is dressed for the occasion as well ;)

Tree up, tiny star on top and a few of our Italy bulbs tucked into the greenery. And yes, the ladder still in place to get the last minute bulbs to the top ;)

Butch hates this deer I kinda love him!


Craft project that Liz and I gathered parts for. There are three more on the mantle I will share later. I couldn't get a good picture without glare ;) The other three are showmen and Santa themed.

Tom in the new oil less fryer - basically a big thermal oven.

Ella has the right idea!!!

Liz challenged the kids for a polar bear plunge... yeah, Braden and Ella wimped out.

Burrrrrrr 57 degree water is BRISK!!!

Braden is smiling....

Until he hit!!! Yikes cold!!!

Ella did go in eventually. She was tossed in, but she went in ;)

Then they warmed up in the hot tub.... ahhhhh

Figuring out how to get Tom OUT if that cage! We had to tuck legs and wings and such to get him out but he made it in one piece!!

Pretty bird!!!!

The Ham was no slouch either!

All gathered in the dining room and entry!

Braden ate it ALL and came back for more!

My tradition. Picking the turkey clean after our meal. Lots of great food and wonderful company. What more could we ask for? Nothing!! Hope your Thanksgiving was just as wonderful.