Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The great escape

After I was released on Monday we went to the hotel to sleep before heading home the next day.

We went a new way home through downtown. Took a few wrong turns jostled the body a bit. Got back on track. Made it through.

Pretty cloudy. By this time we were 1/2 way home and I was fully reclined.

My chauffeur for the drive.

We had a nice visit with everyone and Liz cams home and lightened the mood rough housing with Noah. Such a cutie he is!!

I felt bad to be so out of it but the ride really put pressure on that catheter and my tail bone. Yeah didn't have pain there until getting home 😒 oh well, I can recline in bed and relax 😜

Nice bruise from the deep IV they did after I was out. Two vampire punch holes at the wrist. Yikes!

Other than that just sore and stiff and out of sorts because I'm home but don't feel like me at this point because I can't do what I normally would do.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Mayo day four.

Ok the bottom of this will have pictures. Detailed pictures. There will be things that will scar (or scare) you for life!

Yeah this isn't pretty. At all.

Amazingly things they don't tell you and don't share with you when you come down this road.

Yeah folks should tell you this. Then again as I hear every time everyone is different. Everyone has. Different experience. But sleepy bladder is super
common. Not unusual and not pit of the norm. So. I got a sleepy bladder. I also had an abused bladder that had stents put in between bladder and kidney to avoid injury. Ok. I'm good with this. I don't want that injury.

So for a full day I had blood in my urine. Not just pink but RED. Yeah. Fun stuff. Yeah. It did clear up. As soon as it cleared it was pulled. I was told that I needed to pee by 11pm ( they pulled it at 6pm). Yeah. I didn't. They put off reinstalling the foley for longer than they would have before the nurse really felt the little I was trickling out would pick up. It didn't. So last night I had to have the foley put back in to let my bladder rest and let the swelling go down.

So funny story is that the tech came in to put it in and well, she couldn't. She couldn't find the hole. She called in the charge nurse who is a urology specialist nurse. I got ticketed by the comment of "we need the flashlight for this one" 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

I got sooo tickled about that comment. We were all laughing. I was snorting I was giggling so hard. Sadly funny at that moment. The placement went fine and there was a discussion of a poor little old lady at 102 that had to have one and she was fighting and kicking. Yikes!! I did promise not to kick.

So. Foley installed. Slept on and off all night as they wake you up over and over during the night. By 8am I made a decision to call and find out about my oncologist appointment on the 23rd trying to cancel it, move it, find out why I have it. What the scoop was. I was pawned off and basically left to find out on my own what was going on with that appointment and blood work. I got frustrated and started to cry as Landmann came in on rounds. So I just quit. I was done. He said home with drain, home with catheter and. Given is hime with ostomy. (A given in that respect). I was still hooked to the IV antibiotics (last set). I was done. I just wanted a shower and some new clothing. My tech from a few nights Shan came in and hugged me because I was crying and I just said I need a shower. Just to de stress and shower and let it out. So I did. Washed my hair and soaked a bit.

So I promised warning about pictures. Stop scrolling!!! One more sentence then pictures!!

So. That done it was hurry up and wait to get out. I put on some Jammie's and hung out.

So I promised warning about pictures. Stop scrolling!!!

So my bag life. Not showing the ostomy bag here but the new leg pee bag and the drain.

Putting a happy face BACK on. Fake it till you make it, right?

So here is what it looks like.

The blue "bar" is actually a bit of surgical tube to keep it up and raised. This thing is freaky. It rolls with the peristalsis the whole time. It's moving. And shoving stuff through regardless of what you're doing. So we had to remove the bar and the measure. I'm a 1 1/2" so this is dirty, but I wanted a picture with the bar. Anyway. It was more hectic this change because we didn't know my size. Now that is established and it should be easier/quicker next time pull off and dry then put new on.

We shall see.

In the meantime we had been told all day long today was discharge day. And they were right. We were packed and ready to go most of the day!!!

But between home health care and finding one for home we didn't get out until 5pm ish.

In the meantime the eclipse came and we had just enough clearing big the storms for us to see it!! Very cool!!

Cool shadows.

Glasses and sun and cell phone didn't work so hot. Oh well. I tried!!

Butch got one that you could see it focus for a second and see the crescent shape.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Mayo day three wrap up

Back to pooping and peeing in bags. Sigh. Catheter is back in. No luck. Dribbled a few times but nothing of note. So back to the catheter we go. Looks like I'll go home with both a drain and a catheter. Fun stuff.
Oh well, there are worse things in life.

Mayo day 3

Lack of pee has me beyond frustrated.
The bum has output as of this morning but not the bladder still at 2pm. It back to a catheter for a while. Sigh. One more thing to lug around.

Nope just straight cath. Empty and hope it wakes soon.

A walk/ ride outside. Ahh warmth!!!

Saw the gator in the front pond. About 3' long.

And s bit of cribbage 😄

Mayo day2

Pain OK slept good(ish). Able to switch between sides without a lot of difficulty. Catheter, drain and bag make it interesting. If it caught not once but twice on a wheelchair in the hall. Ha!!

I got up at one point early and my drain popped off of the bulb. Blood everywhere. There went my leg squeezers yuck!!

I did brush my hair and redo my ponytail and wash my face. Ahhhh much better.

There is a numbness in the outer part of my Right leg that was s little concerning but docs think it's just something positional. I also have a raw spot on the tip of my tongue. Ugh. I tell ya. Falling apart.

So 6pm they pull my catheter after it cleared (was super bloody from the stents). I had 12 hours to pee. Yeah that didn't happen. And it was freezing in my room. Like 68 degrees freezing. Yeah no

I found the thermostat. It didn't work!!!freezing!! 11pm they got me a catheter to release the hours worth of urine. ahhhh I went to sleep. She gave me warm blankets as well. I was so zonked I peed the bed. Whoops. I guess I was in a very good position. So there I am 4am wet bed and cover (one) shivering in my freezing room wondering "who do I call". Just then the tech came in and put me right at ease that at least I had voided some. Not all, but some and a little in the toilet collection hat as well.

So in the morning one more catheter as I'm still not voiding. Now the butt got the news and passed tarry blood. But the bladder is still not hearing the that were open for business again.

They let me sleep in this morning as I was awake from 4 - 6 with catheter and bed change. Sigh. This is for the birds!!

Odd shots that Butch sent me

My hoist rode from gurney to bed first night. Not comfortable to be smooshed like that.

Don't scroll if you don't like yuckie stuff bags and other things.

The bag is folded in half to show the pole marks where they went in the left side in my drain. My belly button is really flat now :)

Also the bag is put on sideways. More for laying down rather than walking.

What it looks like when down.

And yes the belly is seriously bloated from the gas as well as just being chunky.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

And it's done.

Waiting to be called back... nerves getting to me.

Apparently it was 5 1/4 hour surgery to get it all. But they got it all and I got the bonus poop bag. It's kinda gross with green output or I would take a picture of the area....
We shall spare you the clear bag view.

Obligatory shot with the poop pillow. She had been with me all night in multiple places keeping things tucked just so.

My view of the sunset before I passed out! Soooo tired

And off to bed!

This morning still the same amount of pain. But I got to order breakfast. Low fiber soft diet but FOOD 😋

I ordered scrambled eggs, white toast and grits. Yum!!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Surgery time is set

Show time 7:10am
Surgery time 9:10

Colon prep.

Shoot me now.

I have to say the silver lining is there is NO way I'm not sleeping well tonight!! Something about colon prep to wipe you OUT and I didn't nap after my early morning excision. I was to worked up on nerves...

Yet another silver lining. There I'm FINALLY clearing out after being constipated by Optifast. 🙂

Morning at the beach

Up before sunrise. Hour drive north to Amelia Island. Why? To have a wooden pier. Ok. I'll bite.

It's dark out here!! Sea shells underfoot.

Butch was dedicated. Came and set up... took timed photos.

Me!? I set up too. I got a blanket and a coffee with my last shake because as of 8am I am on clear liquids. So - one last shake before it starts.

Selfie!! I had fun wandering the beach. I'm in some old mans photos or movie. Hahahaha. I at least did a dance past the camera :)

Toes in the water and the sand. Ahhhhh

There's the sun!!

Dolphin getting breakfast.

Those sea shells in the daylight!!

On the way back we stopped at one pullout. I had seen some flamingos just prior so we were hoping we would loop back close to them. No such luck.

Power plant that Butch thought was neat. I just see Three Mile Island or some other disaster.

The port loading a shipping container boat!!

The bridge. Double suspension.