Saturday, August 20, 2011

Project done.

The pedestal bowl
 I had to patch a whole in the middle of it

 After - all dolled up and holding fruit in my breakfast area.
Just to put this in perspective, I started this one on the 14th - however that's NOT the day I bought the piece.  I think I bought it on or around the 8th and finished it on the 20th.  So, although I am now trying to put all projects with the before and after... I'm trying to lump them into one post... not one long drawn out, have to reference back to see what it looked like end post..

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In Three's....

OK, things come in three's right?  Well, the house A/C has been having issues "keeping up" in the heat.  The car A/C went out the same day the inside air decided to let it be 80 in the house AND the pool pump went out on Sunday.

Today the car had it's A/C fixed and the Pool Man was to come this morning... well, after much delay, the new pump is IN!
This after an initial greeting of "uh...." and a that ain't right.  A discussion on the Christan merits of the past builder (*yes, I did clarify that the situation he left us in does NOT qualify him as a GOOD Christian in my books).. and further discussions of "that's not right"... der... ya think?
BUT on the plus side, he didn't charge me any more than the first quote for the pump - so the Polaris is now feeding from the correct location AND I have a nice quiet pump for the pool.  Yeah me!

AND the car A/C is fixed as well - all by 6pm.  Not a horrible day considering I got to go to lunch with Mom too :o)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wild Hairs and Organization

Don't ask, I have NO idea what is WRONG with me lately... but I am compulsively cleaning and organizing and doing projects.  Yes, I know, I know.. STOP.  Right?
Well, I was walking through Lowe's to get some spray paint to paint Angela's new "to her" daybed (project pictures to come in time) and found some nice heavy duty containers and had a thought to organize my coat closet.
i really should have taken a before picture, but didn't.  this is 10000 times better.  All for $25 in bins.  I need to go through the closets in there, but that's next.  There were a few things in the closet that are going to the thrift store next week (some candles and candle holders that I just can't see using anymore (the wire ones that hang the candles).... then watch someone will come up with a cute craft project and I'll think "I had those in the closet and sent them to the thrift store -that was dumb"  ha.  A chance I'll take, thanks!
Next up was the pantry today.  Yep, another case of "what is WRONG with me!"... however, you have to admit it looks wonderful (and yes that is TWO packages of Oreo's you're seeing there!)  Note also I'm just showing you ONE shelf ;o)  The rest is still fairly trashed!  I did go through the rolling bin at the bottom and get some of the older jellos and stuff that we NEVER make out of there... Now to just keep on top of it will be the trick...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Birthday parties Oh, MY!

it's a little late in coming, however with school starting on the 1st, it's hard to commit to a bday party RIGHT after school starts.  My theory is to get her to make some new friends and THEN have a party.  it worked to some extent with ONE new face in the crowd - so that's a great thing!
Roxanne, Angela, Sydney, Grace, McKayla, Marina
 Opening presents
 Blowing out the candles on the cake
What happens when Mom turns her back for TWO seconds...
Lord have mercy - 12 going on 2?