Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In Three's....

OK, things come in three's right?  Well, the house A/C has been having issues "keeping up" in the heat.  The car A/C went out the same day the inside air decided to let it be 80 in the house AND the pool pump went out on Sunday.

Today the car had it's A/C fixed and the Pool Man was to come this morning... well, after much delay, the new pump is IN!
This after an initial greeting of "uh...." and a that ain't right.  A discussion on the Christan merits of the past builder (*yes, I did clarify that the situation he left us in does NOT qualify him as a GOOD Christian in my books).. and further discussions of "that's not right"... der... ya think?
BUT on the plus side, he didn't charge me any more than the first quote for the pump - so the Polaris is now feeding from the correct location AND I have a nice quiet pump for the pool.  Yeah me!

AND the car A/C is fixed as well - all by 6pm.  Not a horrible day considering I got to go to lunch with Mom too :o)

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