Thursday, April 11, 2013

Elizabeth's mighty LAME 18th Birthday!

Waiting for Korean dinner!

And Butch's card had this pino. It :)

Liz raked in SERIOUS cash

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

National Honors Society

36 out of 1875 students (sophomore - senior) were inducted.
First sign the "oath"

Shake the first hand, get your paper

Then book for the exit completely skipping the officers of The local chapter as well as the principle. I was too busy chucking to take pictures ;)

All done!

The reality

Hahaha - she wants THAT excited, just that goofy!

Dad working in the yard

Whoohooo I figured out how to email pictures to the blog now!
A few folks who follow the blog have been asking about Dad and how he's doing. Well this is how he's doing - great! A little slower and still needs the stability of the walker or in this case the tiller :) other than that he's out and abut and mowing the lawn and working in the garden as well as he is able. He's starting physical therapy to stretch his left legs ham string as its tightening up on him...
So doing good!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What happened to the LAST day off?

Well, I guess I really took it off :)
I honestly think I just puttered around the house... I would get up an do something, I would take a break and watch the world go by and repeat.
I know I went through my "crafty projects" in the garage to get them all gathered and tidied up and put the cardboard in the car to take on base to recycle... then found out Mom and Dad could have used it in their garden for weed control under the pavers she wants to put down.  Rats!

Monday Angela was able to check the stats on her try out for High School Color Guard - and (drum roll please) she made it!  Gracie did as well, so they are excited young ladies!

The hot tub was cleaned out by the crew and sand put in the filter - and they made a heck of a mess with the backwash efforts - if you don't put the tube on the overflow it will dig a whole in the yard... guess what they didn't do - even with it sitting right next to the pipe?  Yep - dug a whole, put mud all over the walkway and generally made a mess of the place... I mean come on boys... clean it up!!


The hot tub was then filled and grocery store was visited... cooking even occurred for the 2nd time in the week.  This is an accomplishment anymore!  Spaghetti on Sunday and meatball sandwiches on Monday if you must know - so not really cooking on Monday, but I'll count it anyway!

Today is Tuesday and let's just say that the crap that I left a week ago at work is STILL there, still as deep... and I don't really have a better attitude to deal with it.  Ah, well, it was worth a shot, eh?  The sad thing is I think I made it worse and didn't want to go back at all - come on lotto!!!  I promptly checked all my tickets at the store and found none to be winners.  I had manually checked them and didn't think I had won, but I like to double check. I took another shot at it because Fantasy 5 was up to $309 million... sweet chunk of change.  A girl can hope, can't she??

OK, back to the salt mine - time to figure out something for dinner, then off to watch Liz be inducted into the national Honor Society (95 GPA cumulative for her HS career... scary smart that one.  She loves math... I still don't think she's mine!  I had to help Angela with math and had to keep calling Liz in to show ME how to do it... good grief.  I have NO memory of Factorials - they didn't really have those in my day, did they?