Sunday, January 8, 2012

Freezer organization

What I would have liked in the ideal shot is one my most prized things... my candy stash.  I pick up Halloween candy at 75% and 90% off at the end of the season and deposit it in the freezer for the following year... it's a huge money saver for Halloween, and mom tested to know that the candy is just as fresh as the day it went in the freezer ;o)  You KNOW I have to test... I LIKE to keep them in Target bags to keep prying munchies out of them.. so that there IS a stash at the appropriate season... but this is not to be in the new freezer setup.  Sad.
What I also didn't show was the sadly full trash can of freezer burned fish and odds and ends meats that had died a painful death from NOT being identified by date in this freezer!!

So - next up - some dates will be tagged on each of these bins to indicate the year contained... now to get everyone to ONLY get the oldest fish out first... that will be the trick!!

AND we will not even discuss the indoor freezer just yet.. I'm still debating if I'm up for that one.  So far the headache/earache that has been plaguing me for the last few days seems to be at bay... so maybe it will happen today to get the indoor freezer done as well.  Maybe!