Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Where has all my time gone?

I was looking at my leave calendar, planning all my AWESOME upcoming trips for the new year and wondering just WHERE all my leave has gone.  I didn’t have much, but should have been earning this “much faster” now that I’m earning that big “pie in the sky 8 hours a pay period”.  Someone said I’ll earn it so much faster I won’t believe how fast it accrues.  I have to laugh at that theory, as I am firmly ensconced in the “earn and burn” philosophy.  Sad but true, and my leave records will attest to this too!

So I went back and was looking at where my leave started to take a nose dive this year… I was going along great – just a few hours here and a few hours there max of 8 hours in any given pay period, which in and of itself will kill your leave when you only earn 6 in that given pay period.  Ok, it’s growing quite well then July happened and a glorious trip to Alaska with my family for Dad’s 80th birthday.  We had such a ball fishing and sight seeing and just enjoying our time in the great outdoors!  We did celebrate his actual birthday last night and not a single picture even with Mom bringing her camera with her to the restaurant.  We went to Olive Garden and had a yummy dinner then on to the High School for Liz’s band concert.  All in all a great night in my books.  Could have been better with a little push the dummy, but beggars can’t be choosers some nights J  Tonight we get to go to Middle School Band concert – yeah us.

Ok, back to the leave count down! (Leave – 48 hrs)

Moving right along and little leave taken here and there to take care of doctor visits, braces, and chiropractor visits.  No complaints… did I mention I enjoy my time off no matter how it comes to me.  Well, with one exception, and we’ll get to that at the bottom!

Next big chuck of time was my Trip with Angela to Jekyll Island.  Now that was an experience… bugs and heat and LOTs of hormonal pre-teens.  Fun, fun, fun!  An experience I will not repeat, thanks.  I think I’m more of the lay on the beach on a blanket than a trudge through the swamp person.  Especially in September in Southern Georgia.  You would have thought it would have been a bit more breezy, and cool – no such luck! (-24 hrs)

The very next pay period was my saving grace and a week in Orlando at a very nice resort and our first visit to Universal Studios (-40 hrs)

The last few nails in the leave coffin was 1) Thanksgiving but only a little as I did partial days off and used comp time I had on the books (-13 hrs) 2) Christmas – I’m still not sure how much time Christmas will cost me… it will either be 28 hours (two full days and three ½ days) or 5 full days for 40 hours… time will tell

Sick leave is a whole other story.  This was my year for visits to the docs.  Mostly the dermatologist, but we’ll throw in some chiropractic visits for good measure.  This was the year for skin cancers and partial ear removal and lots of time off between grafts not taking quickly and the actual surgery itself, thus my one reason I wouldn’t be happy about THAT time off.  I think I racked up 90 hours alone for all of that.  Add to this – Elizabeth had to have all 4 of her wisdom teeth removed this year as well along with orthodontist visits and actual sick kids and I am NOT looking good on sick leave this year either. 

But all in all, I can look back at Alaska, Jekyll and Universal Studio’s trips along with a short trip to Utah to scrapbook and I’ve had a VERY good/bad year for leave.  I had a ball burning through it all!