Saturday, July 23, 2016

Coffee on the back porch? Check
Birds fed? Check
Ants poisoned? Check
Hot tub scrubbed? Check
Pool skimmer clog removed? Check (vacuumed too much crud off the bottom last night at once!)
Chemicals (dry) added to the pool? Check
Sweating my butt off before getting dressed? Check!!
Time to shower and really start my day! Not really. I have nothing on the agenda except what I just accomplished this morning. What yo do. What to do?

Well, I ended up going to the wax strip, then lunch and then to the grocery store. :) THEN I went to Lowes to get parts for Butch, came back home and helped him dig a hole for a valve box that collapsed a while back.

Got SUPER hot and decided to swim. BUT the pool is STILL recovering from its leak so it's filthy on the bottom. Since I had my dive gear out already I tossed it on and went under to get a GOOD vacuum done on it. It's beautiful now (I did take a fifteen minute nap on a float first)

THEN I had to clean the patio off because I bought some at Kroger. HALF off. Been wanting to change things up!! So. Now I'm sitting on the porch with my phone documenting it all. ;)

And here is the result

I moved the three piece set to the other side of the patio and set up this cute set that comes with footstools!!! Footstools y'all!! Morning comfort!! Ha!

The other side. I have a storage problem!! I know, first world problems where to store all my floats and toys. Ha!

Now my dilemma is what to do with the "extra" chairs!!

I LOVE my mid century ones but it may be time for them to find a new home. :(