Saturday, July 18, 2015

Cabinet installation.

Countertops removed. Sanding the walls and edges.

Removing the old. That stuff 10 penny (BIG) nails. Took a while to get it all cut out.

Sawzall involved to get to the base out.

And we're out and ready to reconstruct.

But first we sand and paint.

Looking good!!!

Dry run putting it in place.

Screwing it in for good!!


Testing level.

Lunch with grandma and a well deserved break.

Trimming out the left side of the cabinet and added the division between the sink and the dishwasher area.

Cutting the whole into a square for patching.

While watching Butch I was watching some teen squirrels playing in the front yard.

See his little head poking out.

And the division is in! Proper "hole" for the dishwasher.

And the patch jobs are in place.

Then it's time for dinner. While waiting for Butch to shower it started to pour!! Nice rain.

We had a nice dinner at Stewbys. Sally offered part of our table to a nice couple from Birmingham. They were really chatty and very nice.

Then it was back to the house to work a bit more work. You'll notice there is now trim around the new cabinet.

Now it matches the left side. There are also toe kicks and 1/4 round along the bottom of both sides.

I tried my hand at mudding the patch jobs.

And with that we have called it a day and are going to give it an hour or two then go back and put a second coat of paint on the cabinets before bed. (Maybe)

Friday, July 17, 2015

Goodwill before and after

Found four off these.

Took this long frame.

Pulled it apart, added bead board wall paper and some paint and I'm in love with the finished product. This will go into thesis bath at he little house.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

What do you do ...?

What do you do when they don't sell what you need?

You BUILD it!!
I looked high and low for a 6" cabinet. I did find a few but not what I wanted.

Some with wine cubbies and/or tiny drawers. Nope. Don't want that.

One lovely pull out with a peg board. Drool. Cost is what got me.

To have the cabinet folks build the cabinet this will fit into? $1250.00. Yikes!!! The cubbie one? $650. Yeah, those are NOT happening!!

I look up on line and find Anna White plans. Hum, this looks promising.

Ok this looks close enough!!
On to the build. I printed the plans and headed to dads.

I didn't take a single picture!! Thank goodness for the paparazzi (aka Mom!)

Yes my friends that is a skill saw. My lesser favorite tool. BIG LOUD and heavy. Don't like them but dad didn't have the reach necessary to make the final half of the cut so I had to step up my game today.

THIS is why I don't like power tools. Dad was ripping a board and it got away from him and slung back taking his nail off. OUCH!!! He's such a trouper he wouldn't quit and call it an effort. We powered through (pun intended)

Now here is a funny fact. For all my hate (fear) of power tools I like jig saws and power sanders. Go figure. Maybe it's from years of cutting wood out for tole painting? Hard to know.

Anyway. I got over to their house about 5pm and we wrapped up at 7pm. Not too shabby for me being a beginner and being walked through it, eh?

The "finished" product. (That's the instructions in the base). The front.



Now there will always be a piece of dad in the little house :)

He did our bonus room with Butch in the Georgia house so he's leaving his mark everywhere :)

Next up - installing it IN the little house this weekend and getting the hole prepped for the dishwasher. The sink removed and everything in place.

If we get everything done when they deliver the dishwasher the delivery folks can put it in its rightful place too. That would be shocking!!

Then electrical and countertops and we are officially open for business!! Whoop whoop!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sunday wrap-up on the Little House


I was too tired to update what we did on Sunday when we got home that day and Monday proved to be just as taxing with the start of guard camp and lack of sleep from Sunday night.  I'm not sure why I can't just crawl into bed and sleep after driving home, but it seems to take ma while longer to unwind on those nights.  Sigh.  Oh, well.


Sunday, we got up and went to Sally’s for a wonderful big breakfast, then to Lowes to order the dishwasher.  While we were there, I talked Butch into going ahead with the order for the countertops as I really needed him there to commit to the amount of money that composite granite would run.  Let's face it, I didn't want to spend that kind of money and thought that when he heard the price he would freak and back out.  Yeah, that didn't happen.  So - the counters are ordered.


Blue Sahara from Home Depot.  I’m happy to announce they were ½ what *I* thought they would be, but really.. more than I wanted to pay.  Sigh.  Oh, well, it’s only money, right??  We also ordered our dishwasher.


Then it was back to the house to work on odds and ends.  We ended up doing the shoe molding in the kitchen to finish that up – which was what I had hoped to accomplish as we had to borrow a compressor from Sally’s friend in town (Thanks again Campbell!!).  I did a coat of trim paint on the door to finish that up and I did the last of the laundry to ready the towels and beds for the next visit.  Butch wanted to start in on the cabinets and cut those out, but I was NOT up for it.  Yeah, now looking back, we should have.. but the reality is we needed to get home so we could get Angela ready for guard camp starting the next day.


Angela and I made a dash for home and ended up being about 1.5 hours ahead of him.  We got home, went grocery shopping, then home so Angela could prepare baggies of goodies for her daily lunch this week with guard. 


Today my mind is thinking of ways to use the empty space around the dishwasher.  The dishwasher needs 24”  the opening we have is currently 30” – this gives us about 5 – 6” to spare..

I’m thinking of something like one of these:

Most of me thinks that the drawers would be an epic waste of space.  I do like the drawer with peg board as this would be right next to the dishwasher and would be very handy for the dish soap items in there  - don’t you think??

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Work work work work

What a difference two coats of Kilz makes on a door!

I need curtains!!

I noted there are NO pictures of the nearly finished full bath. So here it is in all its tiny glory. I'm

Not too bad for a 55 year old home.

With that we moved on to more of the mundane things... Changing out all the old light switches.

My first!!

Butch jumped in in some of the living room ones :) in

Onward. About lunch time my good friend from college came to help and visit. It's been 13 + YEARS since we had seen each other. Long time!! Last time we got together was when she came to see me in Utah when The girls we crawling and just starting to pull up to walk. Yep, that long ago. It was so nice to visit and catch up between little jobs in the house.

Then we tackled the range hood. Yeah, never again. Nope never!!

This is the funny way we poked holes to start the big whole in the ceiling. Ha! Screwdriver straight up! Hey, it worked.

And that is where the pictures stopped and the "discussions" on HOW to install ensued. (Jennie shared pictures she was taking - YAY)

We cut the whole, butch crawled into the attic. Poor Butch. Not a pleasant place to be. He was able to measure for some cross brace two by fours. Angela and I cut them.

Jennie was shocked to find I have a fear of power tools. Well, those with blades. I don't like saws. They freak me out when they kick wood. I'm notorious for not gripping the wood right and getting kickback.

That and dads side of the family and the missing digit club that I don't want to join. Ha!!

Anyway. Angela and I got the cross boards cut for him and he came back down.

We hung the bracket. Took it down and hung it straight.

The instructions for this unit were "put it up". Not kidding. No indications how to do much of anything. "Put the brackets on" no indication that there was a top and bottom to those. Yep you guessed it, we installed those twice too.

We finally got to the point of putting but up and if weighs a TON to hold over your head at a weird angle AND screw the upright bracket to the ceiling bracket. We finally got it up there and then we lost the inner tube. Hard to explain however it's a telescopic column. Sigh so we had to pull it back down, fish out all the lost screws we dropped while fighting to keep it up and in place. Wow.

We were debating what went where and if we could get to the missing screws from the bottom.

Installation number two we extended the thing down a few inches by moving the brackets up on the body a bit. This then extended the brackets giving us more room to maneuver.

Then trying to figure out how to keep the inner tube up and not drop it down onto the outer tube yeah. Confused?? We figured out how to use butter knifes to hold the inner tube UP while screwing the brackets in place. We then pushed/pulled up on the knifes to get that inner tube high enough to screw it into place.

The bad news?? One dropped screwdriver and a cracked glass but not in a noticeable spot, thank goodness.

So four sweaty hot people and its UP!!

Soon thrilled. It's in desperate need of some stainless cleaner, however it's UP!!!

And Butch took a dip the pool to become human again. I opted for a shower and cleaning up my paint mess from earlier today. :)

Productive day no doubt.