Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sunday wrap-up on the Little House


I was too tired to update what we did on Sunday when we got home that day and Monday proved to be just as taxing with the start of guard camp and lack of sleep from Sunday night.  I'm not sure why I can't just crawl into bed and sleep after driving home, but it seems to take ma while longer to unwind on those nights.  Sigh.  Oh, well.


Sunday, we got up and went to Sally’s for a wonderful big breakfast, then to Lowes to order the dishwasher.  While we were there, I talked Butch into going ahead with the order for the countertops as I really needed him there to commit to the amount of money that composite granite would run.  Let's face it, I didn't want to spend that kind of money and thought that when he heard the price he would freak and back out.  Yeah, that didn't happen.  So - the counters are ordered.


Blue Sahara from Home Depot.  I’m happy to announce they were ½ what *I* thought they would be, but really.. more than I wanted to pay.  Sigh.  Oh, well, it’s only money, right??  We also ordered our dishwasher.


Then it was back to the house to work on odds and ends.  We ended up doing the shoe molding in the kitchen to finish that up – which was what I had hoped to accomplish as we had to borrow a compressor from Sally’s friend in town (Thanks again Campbell!!).  I did a coat of trim paint on the door to finish that up and I did the last of the laundry to ready the towels and beds for the next visit.  Butch wanted to start in on the cabinets and cut those out, but I was NOT up for it.  Yeah, now looking back, we should have.. but the reality is we needed to get home so we could get Angela ready for guard camp starting the next day.


Angela and I made a dash for home and ended up being about 1.5 hours ahead of him.  We got home, went grocery shopping, then home so Angela could prepare baggies of goodies for her daily lunch this week with guard. 


Today my mind is thinking of ways to use the empty space around the dishwasher.  The dishwasher needs 24”  the opening we have is currently 30” – this gives us about 5 – 6” to spare..

I’m thinking of something like one of these:

Most of me thinks that the drawers would be an epic waste of space.  I do like the drawer with peg board as this would be right next to the dishwasher and would be very handy for the dish soap items in there  - don’t you think??

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