Thursday, July 16, 2015

What do you do ...?

What do you do when they don't sell what you need?

You BUILD it!!
I looked high and low for a 6" cabinet. I did find a few but not what I wanted.

Some with wine cubbies and/or tiny drawers. Nope. Don't want that.

One lovely pull out with a peg board. Drool. Cost is what got me.

To have the cabinet folks build the cabinet this will fit into? $1250.00. Yikes!!! The cubbie one? $650. Yeah, those are NOT happening!!

I look up on line and find Anna White plans. Hum, this looks promising.

Ok this looks close enough!!
On to the build. I printed the plans and headed to dads.

I didn't take a single picture!! Thank goodness for the paparazzi (aka Mom!)

Yes my friends that is a skill saw. My lesser favorite tool. BIG LOUD and heavy. Don't like them but dad didn't have the reach necessary to make the final half of the cut so I had to step up my game today.

THIS is why I don't like power tools. Dad was ripping a board and it got away from him and slung back taking his nail off. OUCH!!! He's such a trouper he wouldn't quit and call it an effort. We powered through (pun intended)

Now here is a funny fact. For all my hate (fear) of power tools I like jig saws and power sanders. Go figure. Maybe it's from years of cutting wood out for tole painting? Hard to know.

Anyway. I got over to their house about 5pm and we wrapped up at 7pm. Not too shabby for me being a beginner and being walked through it, eh?

The "finished" product. (That's the instructions in the base). The front.



Now there will always be a piece of dad in the little house :)

He did our bonus room with Butch in the Georgia house so he's leaving his mark everywhere :)

Next up - installing it IN the little house this weekend and getting the hole prepped for the dishwasher. The sink removed and everything in place.

If we get everything done when they deliver the dishwasher the delivery folks can put it in its rightful place too. That would be shocking!!

Then electrical and countertops and we are officially open for business!! Whoop whoop!!!

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