Saturday, July 18, 2015

Cabinet installation.

Countertops removed. Sanding the walls and edges.

Removing the old. That stuff 10 penny (BIG) nails. Took a while to get it all cut out.

Sawzall involved to get to the base out.

And we're out and ready to reconstruct.

But first we sand and paint.

Looking good!!!

Dry run putting it in place.

Screwing it in for good!!


Testing level.

Lunch with grandma and a well deserved break.

Trimming out the left side of the cabinet and added the division between the sink and the dishwasher area.

Cutting the whole into a square for patching.

While watching Butch I was watching some teen squirrels playing in the front yard.

See his little head poking out.

And the division is in! Proper "hole" for the dishwasher.

And the patch jobs are in place.

Then it's time for dinner. While waiting for Butch to shower it started to pour!! Nice rain.

We had a nice dinner at Stewbys. Sally offered part of our table to a nice couple from Birmingham. They were really chatty and very nice.

Then it was back to the house to work a bit more work. You'll notice there is now trim around the new cabinet.

Now it matches the left side. There are also toe kicks and 1/4 round along the bottom of both sides.

I tried my hand at mudding the patch jobs.

And with that we have called it a day and are going to give it an hour or two then go back and put a second coat of paint on the cabinets before bed. (Maybe)

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