Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 16 Post Op and possible last update on the ear...

The good news is that everything is looking good on the ear.  It's looking better and better day by day. I had the stitches out on Thursday the 19th and although they say it was raw, it was/is healing.  The proof is in these pictures.  I had my doubts on if it would heal or not, but looks like this is almost over.  There is one more follow up next Thursday to see how things are doing.  Then I think even they will tell me I'm all done.  I've been "banned" from the pool - I can "swim" but only if I don't get my ear in the water.  To me, that does NOT define swimming, that defines wading and floating.  Sigh.  So no underwater just yet.  Maybe next week.  I'm still on the uber cautious side with it all - as per the doc's instructions.  Covered and gooped up daily.
 The fronts looking very good (even if there was a NICE gray hair right across it in this picture - ha!)
 only one really large true 'goobery' spot still on the ear.  Not looking too bad.  I know most of the middle is still a little raw, but not scabbed like the top, so looking better.
And the other side is barely noticeable anymore... just a thin pink scar that very well could just be a fat crease ;o)

Oh, and a confession - I am pink because of a (shhhh) sunburn!  Yes, I went to the High School yesterday for a few hours to work on the "Load the Simi's" project for the tornado victims of Alabama and got a little cooked while there :o\  and I KNOW better.  Ah, well.  I did sunscreen today while working in the yard.  I'll post those pictures in a bit.