Thursday, July 3, 2014

Why don't we have keys yet?

Kind of a poopy situation as we have coughed up the cash...and have a bill if sale...however have no house. WHY?
Well, here is why:

The title can be issued after the ten day waiting period is over. When IS that day? Well, that will be the 5th. Yeah, that part bites too. The clerks office had my property scheduled for the on the 8th or 9th we will be taking the legal actions to take the house back and get in there.

Now is when we need prayers that all is well and the house hasn't been trashed completely!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Conjectures of what the house will look like inside shape wise.

This is a house in the same area, same year and even the same layout and orientation.

Photos proved interesting as to placement of walls and rooms

Very informative!

The half bath now makes sense to me!

Here what I think the layout will be. Now we wait until we are in the house and we will see just how close I was :)

I really want to get IN there already!!

Lizzie's leg (peg leg Sue)

She's NOT happy about being here :(

And off comes the cast

And now we know why her heel was hurting. Poor Lizzie!! Working on a nice skin ulcer there. BOOOO!!

Now here is the SHOCKING picture. Loss of muscle mass in a matter of five weeks of non use.

Now the GOOD news?

She's out of her cast!!!

Wooohoooo one week more of no weight bearing, then just walking with foot on the ground with crutch. Then three weeks come back and see where we are then.