Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day Eight continues

Steam punk masks!
And a show...
The waiter dumped the ice-bucket for the champagne down two ladies backs. It wasn't burst out loud laughing funny until the gal rescued the champagne slamming it to the table and shooting a fork over a table. THAT was funny!!

Day Eight begins slowly.

I need coffee. Uh café café con latté included breakfast this morning. I have to hunt it down myself. The horror or if all!

I found it at the bar around the corner. Sat and had a nice café while Liz got ready.

Today was Doges Palace and the bridge of sighs it was early about 9am which in reality isn't early however early for us. We made it through with very few groups. It was nice as I sat in in a private tour for the grand room. Not on purpose. They sat with I listened in for a bit ;)

We even got the obligatory photo of Liz with pigeons. :)

When we were done we went to the station to get reservations to which we were told we didn't need them. Talk about double standards! ;)

We then did a picture match from the small square by the station.
And NO photos on the phone. Hum. Slacker!

We went back to Murano for Liz to buy another present. And I was tempted yet again with glass. This time large sharks (these are 4' tall)
Smaller sharks (1.5' long and €600) sea turtles (6" long - $500€)
And cuttlefish (5" long - 350€) All of which tempted me however I resisted with the knowledge that much money is a trip to Utah for two!!

So pretty.

then back to main venice and the crush of people here! Wow! It's a mad house!
The lobby where I'm sitting now.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Day Seven

Bus to the train station. Well worth the 4€ spent rather than 10-15€ spent if we did taxi.
And our first adventure with hopping a train with no reservations. We didn't even have to move with a fairly full train. We thought for sure we would be booted to different seats. Nope.
Then when they come to check tickets I find that the high speed trains require reservation. Oops. Cost me twice the amount to get said ticket in the train - 20€ at the station vs 36 on the train. Oops! Things have changed since I was here last eh? that and all these high speed trains are under ground... We've been in a tunnel for 30 minutes! The thing was Pisa they didn't bat an eye at no reservations. Weirdness it has to be the high speed vs local issue? Possibly that there is no first class on those trains? Hard to know.
Ah well lesson learned. 
Riding a train is relaxing!

Found the hotel we may well have the exact room we (Suz and I) had in the past.

We're on Murano for lunch and talking about cost ... There is a family of 10 "adults" 7 kids and they were talking about the bill being around $25 a person. Ok. I had to do the math and it was about 550€ for the bill YOUCH. I will NOT complain anymore about our relatively small cost for meals.
Spaghetti with peppers and chicken. Yum
Bear enjoyed it as well! Ha!
Gnocchi - for Liz
And off to shop for Christmas ornaments.
Christmas ornaments purchased and shipping home. 6 clear red ones.
Two new friends in Murano :). They were 8 years old... Cute and had a shop out their window near the water bus station :)
One BIG glass of wine that Berry wanted to share
The ultimate view during dinner.
So Italian!
Our view us towards Rialto.
Ahhhh the life! 7pm and we will wander towards San Marcos then to the hotel to wait for the singing to begin. :)
Similar to the fish I emailed you about Butch :)
Yes - this is the spot!
How Liz is now sitting with feet dangling down. How funny!

We have wifi but in the lobby or stairs only. Good enough :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

We were going to eat dinner here... But it was a sandwich shop so we changed to here:
Nice view ;)

Behind us is a rowdy crowd for the Italy/Croatia soccer match. :)
And a fattening and filling meal was had by all. Goodnight Florence!

Day six.

Day six is interesting. We couldn't figure out where to go next so we stayed here and went to the Uffizi Museum. That was done by 3pm so back to the hotel to chill. I napped and Liz read for two hours. Hum. Not quite what I had planned... But works I guess. Dinner out tonight then Venice tomorrow. Well go early. Drop luggage and then take a train back to Verona if we get the urge that same day as its just an hour and we have a room booked... Again winging it...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day five

It's getting harder and harder to get Liz going. I think well need a slow day (or two) in Aviano.
Today was a two hour wait to see David. Mostly because there was/is a cruise ship in Lavorno and they are in Florence. Made for fun conversation in line.
No more photos of David allowed... And he's surrounded by 6' glass walls. Sad to have to have that kind of security. :(
After David we went through the market. I'm still partial to a red stamped leather bag but can't justify €60. Little too much for me. I know I know. I have paid that before for Coach. But seriously. No name Italian bag $80? Having a hard time justifying it.
Ah well it was off to a grocery to get snacks for the train. We got some olive bread with sun dried tomato and olives. Along with peaches and apples. Oh and a mix of olives for Liz to try. :)
Off to the train station and a dash to the train that we thought would leave in two minutes only to wait about 10 more :)
We had two obnoxious teens by us for the first stop they thankfully got off and an older Canadian couple sat with us the rest of the way.
Pisa by train was interesting. Not a clue how to get here. Got a bus ticket and was finally pointed to the right bus. Crammed on with a bunch of people and made it to the square. And here we are. Sitting in the grass enjoying a snack and watching people :)
Even Berry is enjoying the time relaxing in the grass.
Lizzie chilling as well.
And we have 6pm tickets to go to the top. We'll only get to take a camera up so no photos for the blog for now (I take these with my phone for ease of posting). You'll have to wait until I'm home for the other ones :)
And were back down and all i have to say is - Never again! I do not do well with heights anymore! Goodness! That climb was hard for this fat old body but I made it...panting in the beginning from exertion and in the end from FEAR. Goodness I'm getting to be a wimp!
Pictures to follow. None of me as Liz took video and went down prior to me so I could get some good shots of her.
I told her that yet again it will look like I'm NOT on this trip because I'm not in any pictures. :(
Oh well we're off to Florence for one more night then off to Verona tomorrow after visiting the Uffizi (if we can get in!)
Bear asleep on the train. Liz was a sh*t and deleted the one of HER asleep on the train or I would have that as well.
And back to the B&B for one more night sleep..... Then off again!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day four

Started our in Rome.
Today was the Capuchin Tombs. It was. Bit creepy as some ware mummified instead of just bones. Very strange however glad we we went.

Then train to Florence -
The train had limited wifi but nothing would work. Got email
once was all. Sigh.
She wouldn't sit with me. Ha!
Nice first class on a speed train. Complimentary snacks even. I had a soda and Liz didn't order anything either.
When we got here there was no tourist info in the train station any longer :o/. Really? Come in! So we actually took the first hotel offer. It was a nicely dressed gentleman and yes we went with him and the room is quite nice and half what we spent in Rome for the smaller room.

It's on the edge if town but an easy walk in and with temperatures being much lower here than in Rome a very nice walk. Or a short bus drive to the train then walk to where ever you want.

Our first adventure was a bus ride to the Michelangelo park overlooking the city. And I forgot the pictures at the room for photo matching. While there - We attempted a new bus "home" and road all away around town! Yikes. Back to the the top of the and to the number 12 bus we started out on and back to the neighborhood for a sandwich for lunch.

We then struck out to see the statue of David. It was way too busy to wait for that one!

We continued our walk to the center done and church. These pictures will come later as well as the photos of the park/overlook :)

We actually went into the dome - I had never seen it... That picture will have to come later as well a lot are on the camera. :)

We then walked to what I thought would be a good point to catch a bus back and ended up at Pont de Vecchio. oops! This is how she felt:
This is how she felt when food was brought to her :)
To top it off it's windy and cool as night was falling. so not only was she tired, but getting cold. We ended up walking back to the room instead if trying for another bus...we did recognize a lot of landmarks from our double bus tour as well so that may come in handy later :)

On to our room. Here is Berry dreaming of going outside to play :)
The potty. Not huge but bigger than hotel #1 s bathroom and slightly bigger shower. Ah, an adventure.
Our room is newly painted but the window opens and it's cooler so no need for a/c here.
Liz found a cute purse she likes for $60 euro. I liked one like it in red. Hers was blue... We may come back with cute new leather purses. ;) Never know. tomorrow is a side trip to Pisa... Then market at some point... Possibly the Uffizi as well... The only issue were having is "where next" as out biggest issue is luggage. There is no more luggage check at the stations due to security. So... Whatever we do we need a place to stash luggage or drag it with us. Pain in the butt.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Note to Grandma Sally and Angela

Sorry no Skype while here. It requires phone while here and at $1.9 a minute it's not likely to happen. Sorry!
Email is sketchy tonight however posts seem to go through blog press. Ill take what I can! I have sent emails a few times but they seem to bounce. I will look for a hotel with wifi in Florence as well.
Give Angela a snuggle for me!
Hey what do you think of the following for a name for the bear?
Better photo to come in our return. This is a picture of the back of my camera screen!
Desperate times and all that jazz!

Day three continued

After being totally thrilled to be connected with the world again and NOT taking naps as planned we headed back out to see the coliseum.
Berry said she had great time but the stairs exhausted her! There were a LOT of stairs. We went to the 2nd level which by all a counts is more than1/2 way up. It was a good view. We went looking for some roman soldiers for Liz to recreate her photo but no such luck. We did the best we could.
We're now at the Circus Maximus so Liz can walk to the end and stand on the spine. A lot of things from Latin class can be seen in reality here. I think it's setting in a bit that she's IN Rome now :)
Berry is NOT impressed and is sitting on the wall with me people watching and enjoying the breeze.
And a nice dinner near the Trevi fountain!
We HAVE to try this it was a beef fillet with a white sauce with peppercorns. OMG it was to die for. I thought it was capers. Nope. Peppercorns.
Liz had gnocchi only because I had it for lunch and she really loved it. I have created a gnocchi monster ;)
Room number 2 in Rome with wifi
Sad thing is that this is bigger than the first room at the Flower Garden however FG was about 50 euro less. Ah well Butch remember when you said we would make more? Hum... May have to!!
(yes that's the top of my head as the camera is IN the corner!!)
Looking the other way...door in the middle goes to the bath
Bath from the window
Bath towards the window. The bath is large as it goes into the niche in the wall. I may even fit in there ;)

So there you have it 9:30pm and were at the hotel to repack after our rushed pack job this morning :)

Tomorrow Capuchin Monks and skeletons. Interesting then a train to Florence - fund a hotel with wifi again :)