Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Day!!

6:30 wake up call to tell you that work is closed. Really the ringer was off on the phone however I work up with a BING at about that time. I finally gave up and got up to check the snow amount.

I forgot how light the house is on a snowy day/pre-dawn

There is ice all around the edges.

Angela made a snowball...

And started the base for her snow man...

The snow was more sleet than snow really. So it didn't stick well. That and it was cold out there! Doesn't make for good snowmen.

Two pieces of the snowman.

Then M came over to play so I graciously gave up my waterproof gloves to miss M to build a snowman. Whooohooo. I mean. Awh, darn. Hahaha. Kidding. I did stay out for a snowball fight and the creation of one of the snowman parts.

I got in the hot tub.. Then the girls took it over after I got out ;)

Here's a shot of Angela's little buddy ;)


Gotta love the expression. Ha! Love that kid. She's a goof!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's snowing!

We had the WHOLE day off from work and school and it took until 9pm for the snow to hit. It's just started to come down pretty good now. The under layer here is sleet. It's so funny because you can hear all the kids in the neighborhood whooping and squealing in the night.

Is there something in my hair? Ha!

Burrrr. This is 9pm. I'll grab a few more shots at 10.