Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hello, my name is Donna

....And I'm a hoarder. I hoard the following:
table cloths. Yes, it's true. 90% off gets me just about every year... But they're SOOO pretty for a few dollars!! I don't know how many I have Liz now says "step away from the table cloths" hahaha. Ok must be a LOT!
Paper products: plates and napkins - oh MY. I have two or three rough totes of them! Yikes. Time to start using them!! Plans are always for summer and parties.
Beach towels: hum... Just can't beat them!! Used for just about anything from bath towels to blankets in the car. And with a pool I feel justified ;)
Blankets: why on earth would you get rid of perfectly good blankets? I have a stash of them (and sheets ) in the garage for forts outside!!
Sheets: again. Clearance is my downfall.
Ok anything clearance that should cover it.
I'm working towards culling but some things are HARD to pass up!
Case in point. I now have 10 double packs of tissues (plus quite a few more loose ones) in the upstairs closet. Why? $.44 a box!! Ok the loose ones were $.60 a box and I thought that was a rocking good deal. Still who can pass up that if you can use them? They store nicely and WILL get used, I'm sure!!
However if we ever find ourselves without jobs we will be able to cry a LONG time about it and have tissues to wipe our tears ;)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Goodwill temptations.

Tempting! Why?

Because of Pinterest!!

Left there because I need another project like I need a hole in my head!

So cute. I can imagine it painted light with a little antiquing to being out the bamboo look! Cute, however left there.

And this? Well this child didn't have two left feet she had two right feet - hahaha!

So what did I come home with??

Etsy has it for sale for $25.00. Wholly crap!! Ok I spent $4.30ish on mine! Now what was on my mind is something like this for the girls bath in a fun purple:

Whatcha think??

Monday, November 12, 2012

Let the painting begin!

The far left shall be blue!

Monday's work upstairs

To my defense, the boxes and bags to the left are Easter - they will be culled through in the spring. 

 Sadly, not as good as it could be, however the futon is now set back up as a bed and the pillows are all in place. That's a plus!  Vacuum is set up for Angela to finish the floors :)

 What can't be seen is the upper closet, all the towels are now gonge and a few of the beach towels(yes, yes, I have hoarding tendencies!) are also in Elizabeth's "going to college" stash as well.  I'm sure a LOT of my little stash's around the house will deminish with kids going to college :)

note that Angela is standing on the chair to dust the ONE and only picture in the room!  Hey she uses it most of the time, she can clean it!!

Saturdays work picking pecans

 Lizzie volunteered to go on the roof to get the limb that was up there - while up there, she also found about 1/3 bag of nuts :)  She swept a lot of the leaves off and tossed the branch to the back of the shop - go Lizzie, go!
 OK, is it just the age, or what?  NO straight faces anymore - ah, well, this is Angela and her friend "K" they had a blast picking up nuts and begin nuts ;)
 Mom and I sorting...
 Liz went back to get the girls - who were still pickin' up nuts.. nice shot, isn't it?
 Even grandpa got into the act and was picking up nuts right outside the backdoor - shame on him, but it's good stretching to get down to the ground and back up again.  Go Grandpa, go!
 Sortin' the last of the nuts!
Then Liz had fun with my camera - enjoy some of her nice close ups:

this last one scares me!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Waiting to see Cirque

We're early!

View of the stage from our seats.

The girls and I

Butch and I. Horrible but reality.