Monday, November 12, 2012

Saturdays work picking pecans

 Lizzie volunteered to go on the roof to get the limb that was up there - while up there, she also found about 1/3 bag of nuts :)  She swept a lot of the leaves off and tossed the branch to the back of the shop - go Lizzie, go!
 OK, is it just the age, or what?  NO straight faces anymore - ah, well, this is Angela and her friend "K" they had a blast picking up nuts and begin nuts ;)
 Mom and I sorting...
 Liz went back to get the girls - who were still pickin' up nuts.. nice shot, isn't it?
 Even grandpa got into the act and was picking up nuts right outside the backdoor - shame on him, but it's good stretching to get down to the ground and back up again.  Go Grandpa, go!
 Sortin' the last of the nuts!
Then Liz had fun with my camera - enjoy some of her nice close ups:

this last one scares me!!


Karen said...

Liz's pictures were great!

Suzanne said...

That pic of your mom I had to take a second glance at. She looks preggos!!!!! Too funny. Great nut picking and pretty pictures, Liz. :)