Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday's work upstairs

To my defense, the boxes and bags to the left are Easter - they will be culled through in the spring. 

 Sadly, not as good as it could be, however the futon is now set back up as a bed and the pillows are all in place. That's a plus!  Vacuum is set up for Angela to finish the floors :)

 What can't be seen is the upper closet, all the towels are now gonge and a few of the beach towels(yes, yes, I have hoarding tendencies!) are also in Elizabeth's "going to college" stash as well.  I'm sure a LOT of my little stash's around the house will deminish with kids going to college :)

note that Angela is standing on the chair to dust the ONE and only picture in the room!  Hey she uses it most of the time, she can clean it!!

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