Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hello, my name is Donna

....And I'm a hoarder. I hoard the following:
table cloths. Yes, it's true. 90% off gets me just about every year... But they're SOOO pretty for a few dollars!! I don't know how many I have Liz now says "step away from the table cloths" hahaha. Ok must be a LOT!
Paper products: plates and napkins - oh MY. I have two or three rough totes of them! Yikes. Time to start using them!! Plans are always for summer and parties.
Beach towels: hum... Just can't beat them!! Used for just about anything from bath towels to blankets in the car. And with a pool I feel justified ;)
Blankets: why on earth would you get rid of perfectly good blankets? I have a stash of them (and sheets ) in the garage for forts outside!!
Sheets: again. Clearance is my downfall.
Ok anything clearance that should cover it.
I'm working towards culling but some things are HARD to pass up!
Case in point. I now have 10 double packs of tissues (plus quite a few more loose ones) in the upstairs closet. Why? $.44 a box!! Ok the loose ones were $.60 a box and I thought that was a rocking good deal. Still who can pass up that if you can use them? They store nicely and WILL get used, I'm sure!!
However if we ever find ourselves without jobs we will be able to cry a LONG time about it and have tissues to wipe our tears ;)

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Linda Liebhardt said...

Do you have a table cloth that will match my kitchen? I like them, too. But I'm a clutter-er, and it (the table) is always covered with stuff. Maybe, just MAYbe if it looked nicer, it wouldn't attract all the stuff?... Who am I kidding??