Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Day five

You'll remember the museums were all closed on Monday - today is the day we'll be seeing some of them.  First up the IMMA (Irish Museum of Modern Art)

Irish Museum of Modern Art.

beautiful courtyard.

These signs could only be an art exhibit.  It was funny - there was nothing to indicate the art project, just these random signs along the pathway between the Gaol and the IMMA.

Why are there no more pictures of the museum???  Well, we had an appointment for the Gaol and really had to be there and the IMMA was not open in a good amount of time for us to see both just then.  So off the the KilMainham Gaol is was!!

 This is the older sections of the jail. The pipes you see running throughout are gas lines for gas lighting that was added over time.  The glass wasn't added until the late 1800's and there were women and children imprisoned here - the youngest one in the prison for his own crime was a 5 year old for theft.

Women and Children would be sleeping in these halls of the prison in the floor.

 This is the "newer" part of the jail - and was thought to be better as there was light here.  More so than the other side of the wall

Stone breakers yard where a number of the executions by firing squad were held.

Old main entrance.  They would hang people from the 2nd floor of there.  where you see the small pale stones is where the gallows support brackets USED to be - they would march them to this window and execute them right there at the front gate.  YUCK!
Back to Temple Bar to get our luggage from the hotel - we have a light to catch!

 THIS should tell you we're going on a tiny flight, doesn't it?

I wish I could have captured the initial look on Angela's face seeing this approaching.  It was a fleeting "what the crap" look!  ha!  It was fine!!

not the BEST place to sit on a prop job... what do you think???

The flight to Glasgow was uneventful and VERY short - it was 45 minutes start to finish.  We arrived and went to seek out our bus only to find out that our bus number had changed... hum.  No one knew what bus we were supposed to take at that point - not even a bus driver at the airport.  That's not good. Oh, well, we hired a cab and found our way without issues!!

 Cute little Inn/Pub.  Our room is on the far right on the back side, top floor.

The reason for it's name sake is this cute little person ferry to get you over the river to the Glasgow side of the river!

a beer and a sit down for a bit while we connected to wifi - downstairs was the only place for wifi connections :(

I was looking out the bathroom window and saw this CUTE fox in the road.  He was just wondering around - he eventually made his way towards the hotel and then out of site towards the back.  Cute little guy.
The end of this street in the distance you can see the truck park.   There were medium sized trucks coming and going most of the night... but after Temple Bar, this was the BEST night sleep!!!

Newly installed bathroom in this unit.  Very nicely done.  No mirror, but who's complaining - not me!!

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