Thursday, July 6, 2017

One small step for ME

This morning I had to get up early as I failed to finish that damn prep the night before. Urp!!!

I got up. NOT ready for a colonoscopy. We'll let your imagination fill in that gap, thank you very much!

I drank the other half of the liquid from hell. Success!! In the meantime the sun was rising and I got to appreciate the view I couldn't see in the dark!! 😄

And rewarded myself with the clear soup from the night prior that I got to go!!

Yummy!! 👅

It really was a great room with a GREAT view. Too bad we didn't get to fully enjoy the day!! Oh well, another time.

Then off to my first meeting. Oncology. Why does that word just strike fear in a body? Well it did, but I calmed down. I asked my questions if the PA then she and the doctor went to see the scans and review them with radiology.

The doc came in and told me that it all looks contained and if there are nodes involved they are near ones. He didn't feel that it was necessary to do chemo radiation first but to take me straight to surgery. Then follow up with chemo after.

Great news!! He said it wouldn't give much, if any benefit to even do chemo first. Won't change my odds regardless. Ok. Works for me. Trust the experts.

So with that they cancelled my 10am with radiology! Yay me. They will contact Dr. Landman and fill him in and discuss with him the choices they are making on the chemo and radiation front.

Yay me!!!

Sad when surgery sooner is a plus, right? So next appointment is dietician. Then colonoscopy at 2:30. Then the nap on the way home.

No idea when surgery is. No idea how long I'll be in the hospital and no idea if I get an ostomy yet. Baby steps. Baby steps.