Saturday, July 8, 2017

Colposcopy report

I found out that they weren't using a cute nickname fir Dr B. Her name WAS Dr Bi. Ha! Funny!

So without cuter pomp. The results are suspect...
The did biopsy and pictures in ALL of the following places

So the super suspect area is around #17 area. Now, if you WANT to see pictures I will send them to you. Let's just say it's NOT all pink and pretty.

So. I asked if that area turned out to be malignant will it change the overall game plan and the answer was no, however they may resect quit a bit more. As in resect from about #29 through #16 or higher. Still will be able to put me back together in the end (yes, punny)

The sizes remain the same 5cm on the defined malignant area already identified. And 20mm on the new area. So. It looks HUGE in the pictures, but it's not changed, it just has a "face" and a name now. Now we evict!

The scoop procedure on the 20mm one at the splenic flexure will happen on the 11th. Yes, next Tuesday. The full surgery will follow once they get the pathology from the scoop.

They wanted to schedule me for the 11th of August. When they told me the date I said yes, then had the epiphany THAT is Angela's move in date for college. I burst into tears and told them there was no way that I could do that date! That poor lady on the phone! After I calmed down down she assured me they would find another date.

What I ALSO found out is that this diet is NOT doing me any favors on the emotional forefront. It's known to cause emotional upheaval. Yeah, great, thanks doc. Insult to injury at this point!

So..there you have it. Another cleanse. Another ride to Jacksonville, BUT Butch arranged a trade with a coworker to use his house and trade for use of ours in FWB when they want. Works for me! Not happy about two plus days off work. Hoping I can get a few hours in Monday morning. The work some after hours. Time to request to borrow sick leave, I guess. Sigh. It's going I run out QUICK at this rate.

A bright spot(s) is that I get to NOT do the horrible prep. I get to do the Dulcolax/Miralax combo - YAY! No more salt water! Whoooohooooo! AND I get broth again as well as jello (possibly) the house doesn't have cooking facilities (?) suspect already! I hope it's not bathroom is pit of commission out of two. Hum...we shall see if this is a tolerable place to sleep or not!

Silver linings even with prepping 😜

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