Monday, July 10, 2017

"What's ten pounds off a whale?"

Ok Ok before y'all get mad I really do not think I'm a whale. Big gal, yes. Whale? No. BUT I had to steal the saying off my Aunt Tuny. It's perfect. 10 pounds sounds like. Lot but not when you need t lose considerably more.

So when they put me on my forced diet thought I would take before and during pictures. So the first 10lbs are off. 2 BMI points.

I should apologize for the Jammie's, but I won't. It is what it is.
Before - day 1

And after - day 14
I even wore the same Jammie's so there is a true comparison. To me, there is no difference.

Ok maybe the side view is a little slimmer, but not much.

And the diet continues.
I have to say I look happier in day 1 - hahaha. Hangry woman!


Linda Liebhardt said...

No fair. Stand on the same tile every time, dearie. Standing farther away from the mirror will make you looks smaller every time. ;-)

Linda Liebhardt said...

Oh! and raise that chin, too!!
Yeah, you are losing and it shows. Surgery will be much nicer this way.
Love you bunches. No matter how tiny you get.