Friday, July 14, 2017

Day 21 - Optifast.

OK. I'm now at week three.
Well, not until tomorrow morning. But this is a full 21 days on liquid diet.

Is it working? You betcha. Can I tell? You betcha. Can others? Nawh, there are no comments from anyone at work.

2 weeks weight loss: 13lbs (their scale)
3 weeks weight loss: 7.5lbs (my scale)

Yes, that total is 20.5lbs

And this week I'm STARVING!! What the hell!??? I don't do bad in the morning, but at night? Horrible!! Today I had 7am, 11am, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm, 9pm and starving at 9:30. Sigh. Not giving in JUST yet. Not truly emergency mode just yet... adding a Fresca. Maybe that will help then just go to BED!!

Anyway. Here is the results.

Ok I can NOT see the difference from the front. No way, no how...just don't see it unless it's my BOOBS shrinking. I mean come on! Not the boobs!! Honestly bras are fitting a little different, so sadly they may be shrinking 🙁 boooo - hahaha - kidding. Who cares.

The NEXT is where I have to admit the difference.

Yeah there is a difference. I am NOT sucking in. Nope. Not at all. Just standing there all relaxed

May have to go to the gym to exercise the arms there. While I still can (for a while)

So there you have it.

Oh and I read my lab results on my tumors. It was a little scary with thoughts of a DNA something or other. There is a bit more to have them look at as far as the heredity factor of what's going on in there.

I went back and looked at the initial paperwork.
3 polyps removed
1 polyp ablated
1 cancer tumor identified
Next colonoscopy
1 polyp removed
1 biggie identified
Next colonoscopy
Identified biggie removed
1 MORE polyp removed

Yeah. The total is 8. EIGHT. One of the 8 is really a tumor. 1 precancerous. Yeah, something is going on in there pathology report says:

Interpretation: The results of the IHC analysis suggest the presence of normal DNA mismatch repair function within the tumor. Thus, the likelihood that this individual has an inherited colon cancer syndrome due to defective DNA mismatch repair (HNPCC/Lynch syndrome) is reduced but not eliminated.

These results reduce but do not completely rule out the possibility of defective DNA mismatch repair within the tumor because approximately 5% of cases with defective mismatch repair do not show absence of protein expression by IHC. These results also do not exclude the possibility that this individual's tumor is due to an inherited defect in another gene not involved in DNA mismatch repair. A significant fraction of clinically defined HNPCC cases (30% or more) do not have defective DNA mismatch repair as the underlying genetic basis of their disease.

Additionally, we cannot rule out the possibility that this individual or family has HNPCC/Lynch syndrome because this tumor could represent a sporadic occurrence. If there is a strong personal or family history of HNPCC/Lynch syndrome-related cancers for this individual or if this individual has multiple tumors, consider microsatellite instability (MSI) testing on this tumor or a different tumor to further evaluate the possible role of defective DNA mismatch repair for this individual or family.

CAUTIONS: Test results should be interpreted in context of clinical findings, family history, and other laboratory data. A genetic consultation may be of benefit.

So... how's THAT for messed up? Sigh. So. We I assume they are doing the MIS testing they indicated and we will seek out the genetic consultation and see what this means for MY girls!! I guess we won't borrow trouble until we hear more, bug we will investigate for sure!!


Linda Liebhardt said...

Honestly, Woman! Don't you ever change your jammies???!! Just kidding. It is good to have the consistentcy. Definite chage and shrinkage. People at work dont notice because they see you frequently. If you started wearing differnt, more close-fitting clothes, they would. Or currwnt clothes that will soon be very VERY baggy. Good job! It will make the surgery much easier. Well, a little, maybe. Still going to be pretty invasive for you. Glad you're getting good care. Must be hard to wait that long, though.

Donna said...

Lol, actually dug through laundry (clean!) and my Jammie drawer to specifically wear the SAME pair for all three shots! Ha! I took picture in the Jammie's I was wearing that night and it was a stark difference, so I decided to go with consistency instead 😀 I need to switch to real clothes, but that is even harder to see the we shall stick with these for now 😀

Donna said...

My math is always suspect :) I was at 4.x kilos for the first two week period and I'm about there this two week period as well. So NOW I'm at 20lbs. Geeze. Bad math! So I'm consistent if nothing else. 2+ kilos a week. At this rate I'll be at my goal....lafter surgery is well over. Oh well. I'm at almost 10 kilos now and have four more weeks to go. So should have Nother 19 by then. What was needed was 34 kilos...meh, close. Hope it's good enough for the doc

Jeanette said...

You are amazing and good job on the loss, it is very noticeable!!!

Suzanne said...

Yes, you bet I can tell! And it is in your boobs and face from the front. You don't love it coming off your boobs? I was THRILLED, boobs are uncomfortable when too big. Lol. Anyway, you are doing great! Keep it up!